Review Of Civil Service Remuneration Scheme To Be Expedited, Says Anwar Ibrahim

Budget 2024

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has announced that the new civil service remuneration scheme’s review will be expedited before it’s finalised, according to a report from Bernama.

He stated that it’s time for the process to be sped up, for the benefit of civil servants, while also praising civil servants for their good performance in the recent Central Zone MADANI Rakyat programme.

The programme involved the cooperation and coordination of staff from various ministries and local authorities.

During the closing ceremony of the Central Zone Madani Rakyat programme at the Kuala Lumpur Sports Complex yesterday, Anwar stated that the success of the programme shows just how vital the duties carried out by people in the civil service are.

He also added that if this is how well civil servants perform, there’s no reason why the government cannot review the civil service remuneration scheme this year.

Anwar also stated that the Public Service Department and Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali will also be conducting the review jointly, and the review will also be presented to the cabinet.

Previously, it has been reported that the review would be announced by the fourth quarter of this year, at the latest

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