2018 Chinese Zodiac: Your Predictions For The Year

2018 Chinese Zodiac: Your Predictions For The Year

As we usher in the Year of the Dog, it’s a good time to turn the past into positives in a bid to tackle new and better beginnings. Whether you had an abundance of successes or obstacles in the past year, take a moment to lookback and plan out how you can turn any misfortunes to your favour for the upcoming year.

Thus, to keep the prosperity in your palms and to flourish your finances in the New Lunar Year, we’ve compiled the 12 zodiac predictions –  both general and wealth prospects – based on Joey Yap’s book titled Chinese Astrology For 2018 (which you can purchase via his website).

We’ve also coupled it with tips to counter any financial losses and protect yourself from any uncertainties.

General: The new year might be a mixed bag for you. You will be presented with numerous opportunities at work to prove yourself to your superiors and be rewarded with a raise or promotion – this seems to be an auspicious year for you for your career. Regardless, more responsibilities at work might prompt several difficulties in other areas of your life and spark conflict between you and your loved ones. The combination of extra work responsibilities and tension in your personal life could pose a threat to your emotional and physical well-being.

Wealth: Avoid risky financial behavior, such as heavy investing and gambling, and be cautious when signing contracts. Ensure you manage your finances sensibly otherwise expect greater outflow of money than inflow. 

iMoney's recommendation
Spend your money wisely, if you are considering making an investment, perhaps you can start with undervalued stocks – you can acquire the stocks at low value but have more likelihood of a return.

General: Expect great things this year – it is an auspicious year to advance your career and business development. You will grow popularity in your social media presence and with your friends in general. This year is great to start new friendships and pursue romantic relationships but remember to set time for yourself to relax and recharge.

Wealth: Your financial health might be hampered by obstacles at the start of the new year. Regardless, you can thread through the financial waters with careful planning and a positive attitude to resolve these problems. Additionally, you can achieve a windfall with the reward of a promotion or bonus. 

iMoney's recommendation
Start-up a contingency fund in case of emergencies, avoid splurging unnecessarily and seek assistance from experienced professionals before making investments, especially within the first quarter.

General: You will have a chance to sharpen your skills and pick up new abilities, as you will have a boost in your capability to learn this year. There will be an opportunity to advance your personal life and your career in unexpected ways if you are observant and keep an open mind. However, be cautious as there is a risk of physical injury, specifically a water-related one. Keep close watch on your elderly family members as they could face injury or illness this upcoming year.

Wealth: Late payments on debt and investments that did not fall through will cost you to lose money. Purchasing real estate and wise investments early this year could deter the risk of losing money – just avoid heavy investment schemes. 

iMoney's recommendation
Stay away from investing in schemes that promise high returns within a short period of time and stick to legitimate investments such as unit trust funds. If you are considering purchasing property, ensure you can sustain investing in real estate.

General: This is a positive year in terms of wealth and career. You will find support from the women in your personal life and career, as the prospect of female dominated industries are very likely to flourish this coming year. Although your wealth may prosper, keep your ego in check as you could hurt the feelings of people around you. However, prioritise your health and safety, while keeping an eye on your personal belongings.

Wealth: You will be blessed with the ability to enhance your wealth at work or in investments this year. Nevertheless, be cautious with your cash and avoid high-risk investments. 

iMoney's recommendation
Evaluate your investment portfolio and any risk before you head into the new year. This will allow proper asset management. Additionally, you can also enhance your wealth with these 6 ways to save and make money via the World Wide Web.

General: The road to success is bittersweet this year as career or business prospects seem positive, but can spark resentment from those around you. You could also face legal repercussions, but if you plan carefully and work hard, you may be rewarded with a raise, promotion or a positive business expansion. Avoid overwhelming yourself with the added stress of a successful career as it could affect your personal life and result in anxiety.

Wealth: Poor budgeting plans and returns on investments could cost you financial strain. Nevertheless, there may be a source of help for you to combat these losses and acquire assets you have been eyeing. To repay those who help you in times of need, consider making charitable donations.

iMoney's recommendation
Minimise the risk of poor investments by sticking to the basics rules of investing, such as these 5 simple tips on investment strategies. Research the ins and outs of making an investment to ensure you keep within your budget.

General: You will connect with new people who can assist in pursuing your investment and career goals. There will also be an overwhelming amount of support and love from those around you. Remember to set aside time to spend with your loved ones and be careful not to get carried away by your successes of the coming year.

Wealth: You could end up overspending your funds if you are not cautious about your finances. There could be monetary losses in terms of legal, personal or professional disagreements. Regardless, the kindness and support of others will present plenty of opportunities to generate wealth.

iMoney's recommendation
Be strict in money management – record and keep close track of your bank account transactions or investments to avoid any discrepancies. Also, if you set yourself the right rules, such as having 5 attainable financial goals, you can avoid overspending.

General: There will be obstacles this upcoming year, but you will be able to convert these challenges into opportunities for growth. You might face setbacks which will force you to work harder to achieve your resolutions. However, practise caution when pursuing risky ambitions that are not practical. If you succeed in overcoming these hardships, you will become stronger and better equipped to achieve more.

Wealth: There could be a string of financial losses this year. Manage your money well and be wary with financial deals. Furthermore, avoid the temptation of gambling and risky investments.

iMoney's recommendation
Do not fall victim to investment schemes that seem too good to be true. To combat any unfortunate financial falls, try searching for a source of manageable side income, such as driving for Grab.

General: Expect to make meaningful connections with new people as your social life will flourish this upcoming year. This good luck could also affect your romantic life, but be level headed with your interactions or you could be stuck in a petty quarrel. Moreover, watch your surroundings as you could risk getting injured.

Wealth: The beginning of the new year could prove difficult as you may face financial losses from poor investment returns or due to compulsive gambling. Nevertheless, you will receive assistance to get you back on track and gain more wealth than your initial losses.

iMoney's recommendation
If you are keen on investing this upcoming year, avoid making impulsive decisions with over-the-top investment schemes – read the fine print, not just the numbers. Instead, make long-term investments on assets such as property.

General: The year is full of positives for you – you will enjoy the company of generous and supportive individuals, who will be happy to lend a hand at times of need. Do not limit yourself this year and pursue your goals, as you will gain knowledge on managing conflicts if required. However, making impulsive decisions could cost you money, but you can avoid this with proper planning and a practical strategy. Don’t forget to spend time with your family as your career and flourishing social life will be time consuming.

Wealth: Opportunities for a pay raise or bonuses will present itself in your career. There an increase in wealth because of generous individuals. Moreover, those in your social life could provide insight to great investment prospects you may want to look into.

iMoney's recommendation
Plan short and long-term goals such as starting a savings account specifically for investments. However, ensure you consult those around you for recommendations to avoid making the wrong decision or engage a professional financial planner to reach your goals.

General: The new year is a seemingly good one for you, but there is a possibility of encountering minor setbacks. However, you will receive assistance from those around you to manage any obstacles you might run into. There will also be chance for career advancement, but your success may be a source of resentment for others, who may spread malicious lies to harm you. Nevertheless, you will sharpen your skills in terms of problem-solving and those in your social circle will be there to assist.

Wealth: The prospects are good for asset acquisition. Although your workload might pile up, you should set time aside to focus on increasing your wealth, as there could be opportunities outside of your job scope to increase your finances.

iMoney's recommendation
Manage your time well and plan your hours to be able to research into investments that are worth your money. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and instead, consult friends who are financially fit to advise you on investment opportunities.

General: This year could be a hard one for you. There could be hindrances at work which will force you to work harder than usual to combat these obstacles. On the upside, you may have opportunities for extensive work travel – embrace it and you could advance your career. However, the possibility of being involved in an accident is high, which is why you must take extra precautions when travelling or engaging in high-risk activities. Work on your emotional and mental well-being and make your health a priority this year.

Wealth: There could be more outflow than inflow of cash if you mismanage your spending. Avoid spending on luxury items in the beginning of the year to avoid incurring losses. Plan your budget to cut any unnecessary spending habits and increase your savings.

iMoney's recommendation
Due to the high risks of injury or health issues, make sure you are insured and that your policy’s coverage is adequate enough to cover any health risks you may encounter – this will also protect you from a strain on your financial health.

General: Take time to reflect on the previous year and slow down this year. Allocate an adequate amount of time for self-care and grow a healthy work-life balance. Do not give into your fear of abandonment or anxieties that you have no one to rely on, as you will find ample support from your friends and family. Additionally, take good care of your physically health as you may come across an illness.

Wealth: Manage your finances well as you could face a substantial loss this year. However, you can mitigate such losses if you make acquisitions of non-depreciating assets in the beginning of the year. On a positive note, there will a significant influx of side income.

iMoney's recommendation
Obtain a good insurance policy to cover any medical obstacles and understand the 8 facts you should look into when choosing protection (if you do not have any yet). Additionally, take it slow in terms of investments and do your due diligence before risking your cash.

End next year with good wealth and fortune

As these predictions prepare you for the string of surprises in the New Lunar Year, take the negative notes on your financial health with a pinch of salt, and let this motivate you to do better with your habits this year.

Thus, we’ve got three top tips to share for you to keep your wealth in good health, as you conquer the next 12 months.

  • Budget – Allocate out your expenses monthly as this will end every month on a good note and have your pockets full.
  • Set a goal – Set mini financial goals monthly and practice each goal all year long, as this will ensure you keep to resolutions. For example, you can set a goal of saving RM 500 per month and cut down on shopping expenditure the next month.
  • Record your expenses – Track down your expenditure and the cashflow of your bank account. This is to support your budget and make sure you stick to it.

So, start these good financial habits early to kick off the new year on a good note.

With that being said, happy Chinese New Year. May you be blessed with an abundance of prosperity and wealth!

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