5 Destinations That Will Make Your Kids Squeal For Joy

5 Destinations That Will Make Your Kids Squeal For Joy

Let’s put it this way: You and your family deserve a break and the back-end of the year is packed full with vibrant celebrations, that there’s no better time to get in on the festivities than a getaway.

The good thing is you can forgo that flight outside of the country and enjoy some of the best Malaysia has to offer. But what if you have to tote your children along? That’s where we come in.

Here are the top five child-friendly destinations that will help you maximise your holidays while having some family filled fun:

1. Legoland Malaysia, Johor Baru

Located at the southernmost state in the peninsula, LEGOLAND Malaysia is famed for a humongous water park and famous rides – but here’s the kicker: These are all fitted out either with LEGO or themed according to those famous toy bricks.

There’s a spectacular dragon-guarded entrance that greets guests upon arrival and interactive LEGO features, themed play areas and a children’s entertainment and family restaurant.

Bring the experience up a notch and spend the night at the LEGOLAND Hotel. As its name suggests, this hotel is decked out with LEGO fittings and you can choose from one of the three popular themed rooms at this resort: Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure.

There’s a separate sleeping area with bunk beds for kids and complimentary LEGO bricks in the room. Part of the package: Treasure hunts, secret whoopee cushions, themed lifts and exploding toy boxes.

Budget for a family of four*
1-day combo ticket (theme park + water park)**RM716
1 night @ Legoland HotelRM1,520
Total cost:RM2,236

If you are a LEGOLAND fan…

And plan to visit the theme park more than once a year, then consider an annual pass. Called the Awesome Pass, this grants you all-year access to the site except on select dates.

There are two types of passes: the Awesome Pass at RM395 per person and the Premium Annual Pass at RM520 per person.

The difference between the two is the Awesome Pass only confers unlimited admissions to the theme park for 12 months with restricted dates may apply; 50% off on stroller rentals; 10% off on retail products; and LEGOLAND E-newsletter.

For more, visit the LEGOLAND Annual Pass page.

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2. Mutiara Taman Negara, Pahang

For outdoor lovers, there’s no better place to be than Taman Negara. This vast national park on the peninsula encompasses a sprawling tropical rainforest believed to be about 130 million years old.

It’s also one of the best spots for river trips and jungle treks as well as hiking, and for animal lovers, this is the place to spot tigers, elephants, macaques and birdlife.

Located next to the park’s headquarters, Mutiara Taman Negara is the only resort that lies within the nature reserve. It’s ideal for families wanting to experience the jungle. The resort stretches out over parts of the reserve’s border, along the Tembeling River and Kuala Tahan, the main entry point to the national park.

Usually, visitors spend a handful of nights, and your best bet is to opt for the resort’s Explorer Experience Package that is complete with meals, accommodation and activities.

Budget for a family of four*
3-day, 2-night Explorer Experience2 adults @ RM800 x 2 = RM1,600
2 children @ RM390 x 2 = RM780
Total cost: RM2,380**
*Consisting of two adults, one child above 12 years old and one child below 12. Budget is for a two-day, one-night stay.
**Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and a range of guided activities from night jungle trekking to the canopy walk, boat trip and fish feeding.

3. Lost World Of Tambun Hotel, Resort & Spa, Ipoh

Ipoh is a city that lies roughly about three hours’ drive north from Kuala Lumpur. It’s a city that is getting more attention these days not only for its old-world charm but as an intermediate destination if the sojourn to Penang proves too hectic.

And nestles among the lush hills of Ipoh is the Lost World of Tambun Hotel, Resort & Spa. Here families get to enjoy all the must-haves in a vacation.

There’s the famous theme park complete with a wave pool, giant water slides, various amusement rides, a petting zoo and the Tin Valley, a mock-up of the city’s historic tin-mining heritage where kids can learn all about the industry that put then Malaya on the world map.

In the evenings, families can head over to the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa, ideal for those who wish to soak in the natural therapeutic benefits of the hot springs.

Budget for a family of four*
Hotel @ Exotic Room:RM550
Admission**:3 adults (13yo and above) @ RM65 = RM195
1 child @ RM58
Medium locker: RM30
Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by Night Admission***:3 adults (13yo and above) @ RM36 = RM108

1 child @ RM29
Total cost: RM970
*Consisting of two adults, one child above 12 years old and one child below 12. Budget is for a 2 day, 1 night stay.
**Entrance ticket includes entry to ALL parks, including all rides, activities and attractions. Not applicable for pay-per-ride activities.
***Does not include spa treatments such as massages and beauty care, which are sold separately.


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4. Sunway Resort City, Selangor

This for those who are just lazy to move out of the city for a holiday. Sunway Resort City is best known for, well, Sunway Lagoon. It boasts the ultimate theme park experience with more than 80 attractions, including the world’s largest man-made surf beach with waves up to 8-feet high.

There’s Malaysia’s first bungee jump and surf simulator. It also boasts of two of the world’s first: the Waterplexx 5D, a cinema that engages audience using a multi-sensory journey complete with 3D visuals, wind simulations and even water jets. And the Vuvuzela, the world’s highest and largest water slide.

Just like any other theme park, the Sunway Lagoon also has a flying fox line, a suspension bridge and a wildlife park with 140 species of exotic animals.

If the theme park is too hot to handle, parents especially may unwind at either the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall or the Mandara Spa located within the premises of the hotel. Both a short walk from Sunway Lagoon.

Budget for a family of four*
Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa @ Premier Room (King):RM480
Admission**:3 adults (13yo and above) @ RM120 = RM360
1 child @ RM96
Locker (multiple usage): RM22 x 2 = RM44
Total cost: RM980
*Consisting of two adults, one child above 12 years old and one child below 12. Budget is for a 2 day, 1 night stay.
**Prices are for MyKad holders. Entrance ticket is only for six parks, including all rides, activities and attractions. Not applicable for pay-per-ride activities.


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Seize its seasonal promotions. Ongoing promotions include 6 Parks At One Price where Malaysians can get access to all six parks at RM120 and RM96 for adults and children, respectively.

There’s also the 2-Day Fun Pass which is exclusively for foreign tourists priced at RM255 and RM210 for adults and children/senior citizens, respectively. It grants the pass holder access to all six parks but not applicable for pay-per-ride activities such as the bungee jump or go-kart.

For more keep tabs on the Sunway Lagoon Promotions page.

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If you hold Petron Miles Card, you can enjoy a 32% off Sunway Lagoon admission ticket!

Valid until December 31, 2017.

5. Movie Animation Park Studios, Ipoh

Another family friendly theme park from upstate Perak. As it name suggests, this park is designed according to all your children’s favourite movie/cartoon characters.

The theme park is the first fully animation-based theme park in Asia which contains attractions based on animations such as DreamWorks Animation and The Smurfs and was built at the cost of RM520 million. Besides international figures, it also boasts local cartoons such as BoBoiBoy, across six themed zones.

Budget for a family of four*
Hotel Casuarina @ Meru:RM387
Admission**:3 adults (13yo and above) @ RM144 = RM420

1 child @ 114
Total cost: RM951
*Consisting of two adults, one child above 12 years old and one child below 12. Budget is for a 2 day, 1 night stay.
**Prices are for MyKad holders.

All in all, remember to have fun

As it’s the year-end holidays, the most important thing is to be in the moment and enjoy. Achieving this means you have to plan and budget wisely.

Usually it is the post-holiday blues that will get to you after racking up a hefty bill. What you should do is exercise prudence when you are spending while on holiday and ensure that you have some savings stored to cushion whatever financial damage you might incur during your outstation excursion.

One way to do this is a credit card that rewards you every time you spend either in the form of rebates or cashback. Another way to do it is to apply simple budget rules and to be disciplined in keeping to them.

But as this is the end of the year, have fun!

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