Personal Loan

Take a moment to find out what personal loans are, what they do, and if and when you need them.

Should You Use Your EPF Savings As Loan Collateral?

The government is now exploring the idea of allowing contributors to use their EPF funds as support for personal loans.

Should You Be Debt-Free Or Free Of Bad Debt?

Good debts are debts that are taken to grow money; but without proper management, good debts can become bad-debts. Here…

Shopee Unveils Their Personal Loan Service In Malaysia, The SLoan

After the introduction of other initiatives like ShopeePay and SPayLater, Shopee has now made its foray into the personal loan…

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What Is Hurting Your Credit Score And How To Fix It

We have some tips to help improve your score.

Understanding Different Types of Loans

Knowing what each loan does can help you get the most out of them.

OPR Hike: How Will The OPR Increase Affect You?

The recent overnight policy rate (OPR) hike came as a surprise to many. Do you know how it will affect…

What Is A DSR And Why Does It Matter?

You might want to calculate your DSR before racing to apply for that housing loan.

BigPay’s Online Personal Loans Service Now Available To Selected Customers

No additional documents are required, and the application can be approved within minutes

Still Need Help With Loan Repayments? Here’s How To Apply For URUS

This programme which is open to eligible B50 applicants provides a three-month interest exemption for loan repayments plus a personalised…