11 Free (Or Cheap) Things To Do With Kids In Kuala Lumpur

11 Free (Or Cheap) Things To Do With Kids In Kuala Lumpur

Planning a weekend on a budget can be hard. Add a couple of kids to that equation, and it can seem near impossible.

But don’t worry – if you live in or near Kuala Lumpur, there are plenty of activities available for families on a budget:

1. Petrosains

Source: Petrosains

Are you in your twenties or thirties? If so, you may remember school trips to Petrosains during years gone by. Petrosains, which has been around since 1999, has gone through a few changes since then, but its aim remains the same: to inspire a love for science and learning. Kids (and reminiscing adults) will enjoy exhibits like the Geotime Diorama, which features an animatronic T-Rex, as well as other interactive installations and workshops.

Price (Malaysian): RM7.50 (child, 3 to 12 years), RM18.50 (adult, 13 to 60 years), RM9 (adult, 61 years and above)

Price (Non-Malaysian): RM16.50 (child, 3 to 12 years), RM28 (adult, 13 to 60 years), RM14 (adult, 61 years and above)

2. Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur

Bring your kids down to the Children’s Library, where they’ll find a variety of books on science, art, architecture, history, as well as those on Islam and Islamic arts. Every day, the library holds a free art session for children and grown-ups to complete together. On weekends, the library organises a storytelling and arts & craft session related to the weekly theme. Admission to the weekend sessions is free, but you’ll have to register beforehand as limited seats are available.

Price: Free (children 6 and under), RM7 (students with ID), RM14 (adult)

3. Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Financial literacy starts when you’re young. The Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery houses many hands-on activities that aim to educate and entertain. Walk through the RM1 million tunnel at the Children’s Gallery, or play the ‘Barter Trade’ game at the Numismatics Gallery. The museum also offers free arts and craft programmes on certain days, but you’ll need to sign up beforehand.

Price: Free admission

4. TTDI Library

Your children will probably find something in the TTDI Library to entertain them – even if they don’t like reading. The library, which reopened recently after a period of renovation, has gotten a bunch of upgrades. You’ll find interactive tables, a games lounge (with FIFA 19 available) and a cinema room.

Price: Free

5. Perdana Botanical Gardens

The Lake Gardens are worth a visit if you’re tired of the smog and concrete of Kuala Lumpur. Lakes, fountains, bamboo houses, waterfalls, playgrounds – KL’s oldest public park has plenty to offer.

Price: Free

6. Royal Malaysian Police Museum

Source: KL Magazine

This small, unassuming museum is located just on the outskirts of the Botanical Gardens. Here, you can view the evolution of the Malaysian police force from as far back as the Portuguese and Dutch colonial eras. One of its most impressive exhibit is the armoury, which is filled with police firearms and melee weapons. Children will be especially fascinated by the armoured military vehicles outside on the museum grounds.

Price: Free

7. Kepong Metropolitan Park

Souce: Visit KL

This is a huge recreational park that is set around a 57-hectare lake. It’s a popular spot for flying kites, which can be purchased at the entrance of the park. You’ll also find several observation towers (to appreciate the view and populate your social media feeds), two playgrounds, and tracks for jogging and cycling.

Price: Free

8. KLCC Park

Source: Suria KLCC

The KLCC Park has several amenities that will keep children entertained. There’s a two-acre playground, waterfalls and a wading pool. Kids will especially enjoy the fountain water shows that run daily from 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Price: Free

9. Volunteer for PERTIWI


Volunteering as a family could give your children valuable life experiences, while helping others in need. The PERTIWI Soup Kitchen feeds between 500 and 700 homeless and hard-core poor individuals four times a week in KL. Volunteers are assigned various duties to help out.

Price: Free

10. Volunteer for Free Tree Society

The Free Tree Society gives away free trees to the public in order to encourage biodiversity and a love of nature. Kids are encouraged to join in the volunteer work, which involves planting activities like propagation or nursery maintenance.

Price: Free

11. IKEA

Source: IKEA

Don’t scoff. To many Malaysians, IKEA is something of a family outing destination. Here, both children and adults can spend hours playing make-believe. And if your kids are feeling peckish, IKEA has affordable snacks and beverages to tide them in until mealtime.

Price: Free (if you don’t buy anything)

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