IRB Urges Malaysians To Avoid Fake Messages

Malaysia BR1M scam

The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) have warned Malaysians to steer clear of fake text messages or emails from posers claiming to be IRB officers offering assistance for the Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) cash handout.

It was reported that there had been complaints regarding scammers sending messages offering to check BR1M application statuses or prompting people to take the cash assistance, under the guise of IRB officers.

IRB, in a statement, advised those receiving such emails or text messages to delete it immediately and avoid responding to the senders.

“We have not sent any e-mail or text through any individual officer to BR1M applicants or recipients.

“Thus, we kindly advise those who have received the fake e-mail or messages to please delete it and not to provide the sender with any feedback as requested,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong said the process did not require the involvement of such agents and that it was free.

He added that the forms were accessible through the IRB website and the first stage of BR1M payouts this year were underway.

Those listed as single individuals will receive a sum in the first payment period. BR1M is handed out in three stages within the months of February, June and August.

Applicants must bring the form and the necessary documents, such as identification documents and proof of financial status, to the department’s office and the process could stretch up to 30 days.


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