AirAsia Revised Baggage Pricing Effective January 28


Effective January 28, 2016, AirAsia is revising its baggage pricing, which will allow passengers to save more money if they purchase checked baggage when booking their flights.

Buying checked baggage after booking their flights, such as through the Manage My Booking page, will be charged a higher price.

It also applies when passengers pre-book or upgrade their checked baggage through Live Chat or call centre agents after the initial flight booking process.

Both of these methods will still be cheaper than buying checked baggage at the airport counter, last minute.

Following the new fee structure, checked baggage would be priced as follows for a one-way flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore with 20kg checked baggage:

The new pricing structure applies to all flights except bookings made for flights originating from Indonesia.

The complimentary checked baggage for India and Indonesia domestic flights remains at 15kg and for Dhaka point-to-point flights at 30kg.

[The Malaysian Insider]

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