A Selfie Stick Could Help You Save Money


The “selfie stick”, also known as the monopod, has emerged as a new tool of ultimate self-expression and is quickly becoming a part of our everyday life.

Some love it, others hate it, there’s even a study that says that avid selfie-takers are more likely to show signs of psychopathy.

Whatever your take on the selfie stick is, there is no stopping the growing legion of stick supporters and the daily deluge of their craft. It could also be a potentially good investment and here’s why:

1. You don’t have to buy a tripod

selfie stick

A sturdy tripod helps you capture the ideal shot (and contain all your general awesomeness) in different circumstances, including very-important occasions like clubbing and fancy dinners that you want everyone to know about.

However, tripods are generally bulky and can be a hassle to carry around (good luck in trying to setup your tripod in a busy club, like Zouk). A selfie stick, on the other hand, is easily transported in a handbag and helps achieve the similar effect.

It also makes more financial sense to buy a selfie-stick. A basic tripod unit goes for about RM50 while a selfie stick is available from as low as RM10 (though, this may not include the bluetooth controller)! Both are sufficient to satisfy your narcissistic needs.

2. Because nobody has time to help you take a picture

selfie stick

Find yourself in an amazing spot in the city and you’re hoping to get someone to help take your picture? Well, good luck to that.

If you are the type who loves to travel alone, combined with a passion for selfie, you really need this selfie stick!

A 2012 appraisal by Reader’s Digest put Kuala Lumpur close to the bottom of the list of Least Courteous Cities around the world. A recent study also suggests that Malaysians could be cranky folks as over a third of us are sleep-deprived and are having a hard time achieving a work-life balance.

A selfie stick saves you the frustration from constant and potentially brutal rejection. You also come off as a lot less annoying and stand to lose less friends.

3. It could save you from getting robbed

selfie stick

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city, but it may not be the safest place to loiter around and much less to entrust your brand new iPhone 6 to a seedy-looking stranger, all in the hope of getting a perfect picture!

A well-utilised selfie stick can save you from the trouble and could potentially reduce your likelihood of getting robbed. It also doubles up as a handy weapon if someone decides to do away with your belongings.

4. It keeps your device safe

selfie stick

People have been known to prop up their phones in random places like rocks and window sills with the ardent hope of getting a perfect shot.

Unfortunately, random places do not usually make sturdy platforms. A common result from this is a hefty repair bill for your damaged device.

Owning a selfie stick does not only make good sense for your wallet, it is also a useful social tool. Because beyond just taking vanity shots of oneself, it also means getting more friends and family members in a shot or including more sights in the background (unless your name is Kim Kardashian…).

Beyond selfies, the stick can help you get interesting camera angles and elevate the photo-taking experience. So for selfie stick supporters, we say, keep sticking it up!

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