5 Perks That Will Make Your Business Trips Awesome

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Though email, phone and video conferencing have made it easier to conduct business virtually, but there’s no replacing the connection of sharing a meal with a client, shaking hands and talking face to face.

This may be why small businesses shell out almost 24% more on business travel than large corporations, according to data compiled by Concur, a maker of travel expense management software.

There are tricks that enable you to get the most out of those hours you logged for business travel and maximise every dollar spent. Here are some simple tricks that will save you time and money.

1. Spend without worry, but pay wisely


Eating out can be a huge expense when you’re a frequent traveler. It can make your trips quite stressful when you’re constantly worrying about getting the bill. Getting a travelling card that lets you pay for these expenses over a six month period at a 0% interest rate will really ease that burden. The Mach Signature card has a Zero Interest Instalment Plan (0% ZIP) that lets you do just that. So you can fret less about how those numbers on the menu seem so much larger (after you convert them) and just have fun!

2. Earn for your next trip

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Most business travellers aspire to rake up the travel miles like George Clooney in the movie, Up in the Air. It is not impossible. Earning Miles point on your credit card is almost like an art form. If done right, you can get a huge discount on your next trip (or get it for free) and save hundreds or thousands of ringgit.

Get a card that lets you earn points that can be converted into Enrich Miles for every Ringgit spent. And the icing on the cake is when the credit card allows you to convert the points into Enrich Miles without you lifting a finger.

For the first 1,000 customers who spend RM800 within 45 days of card activation will receive 10,000 Enrich Miles! For limited time only.

3. Buy foreign currency at a lower rates


Foreign exchange rates can make a huge difference when you’re travelling frequently. You’ll never really be able to predict the rates but it’ll always help to get the best out of your exchange!

A frequent traveller will most likely have to buy or sell foreign exchange regularly. Getting preferred currency rates can help you save significantly, especially if the amount bought or sold is high.

4. Rest and relax when you travel

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After a hectic day of meetings and negotiations, some me-time in a hotel is much needed. Getting a hotel upgrade and preferential treatment at the hotel can change your travel experience for the better.

It makes business travelling more comfortable and less exhausting.

5. Commute at great prices

car rent

Landing in a foreign destination without a mode of transport is akin to having one’s wings clipped. Reclaim your freedom with special car rental rates and zoom about at your convenience.

A Visa card holder can enjoy discounts up to 35% and other offers when renting a car internationally. Convenience is the key to a successful business trip.

These days, having the right credit card to suit one’s lifestyle is tantamount to keeping financially afloat. If the above must-have perks are exactly what you need for your globetrotting lifestyle, a Mach Visa Signature is the key to open the door to first-class travel experience. Armed with special features and combined with Visa privileges, a business traveller can now travel like a CEO without that CEO price tag.

Ready for more awesome business trips ahead? Apply for a Mach Visa Signature credit card now.

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