2019 Chinese Zodiac: What Is Your Outlook Like?

2019 Chinese Zodiac: What Is Your Outlook Like?

The year of the Earth Pig is coming, and it’s a good time to begin getting your finances in order. If you’re into Chinese Astrology, we’ve compiled a general list of what to expect based on your Chinese Zodiac animal for the coming lunar year (all based on Dato’ Joey Yap’s Chinese Astrology 2019).

Will it be a prosperous 2019 for you and your family? According to Joey Yap, much depends on your animal sign and the energies that the Year of the Earth Pig will bring. However, if the elements aren’t aligned in your favour, we also have a collection of articles that will help you make the most of things.


General: Positive change will be coming your way, giving you the opportunity to solve personal issues. Relationship management is your theme for the year, and you should take care in dealing with other people. Joey Yap cautions that this won’t be a painless year, but you’ll come out the other end in better shape than you went in.

Wealth: You’re going to need to be extra careful with your money in 2019. It’ll be a sluggish year for your investments, so it might be a good idea to plan for the long term.

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 Consider longer term investments instead of quick returns. Don’t rush into deals without doing your homework. Things will be slow, so there’s no need to hurry to make money.


General: This is your year to help other people out but this doesn’t mean being pushed around. It suggests that you’ll be in the position to solve other people’s problems. Alternatively, it also means that the right kind of help will arrive just as you need it. So be prepared to lend some assistance to those who ask for it.

Wealth: You’ll be able to dominate and control your own space. A good sign for entrepreneurs and business-owners who are looking to expand. Otherwise, you’ll be alright this year as there will be some opportunities to buffer any setbacks.

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 You don’t always have to solve problems for people for free. Consider this as a chance to bring in more freelance work. After all, you’re in control now and should find ways to benefit from it. Just remember to be nice.


General: Make the effort to learn something new in 2019. It’s an auspicious year to pick up new skills or gain knowledge, it doesn’t matter where you get it. Signing up for a course, going back for a degree, or just watching lots of informative YouTube videos. Students are all set to do well if they apply themselves correctly.

Just be careful when you do head out to look for new things. You’re also bound to run into a lot of interpersonal problems, so watch what you say and how you interact with people.

Wealth: This is going to be a rough year for you, so be prepared to work harder this year. Monetary loss is inevitable, and you will have to manage your finances carefully. Avoid putting all your effort into one place for optimum results.

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Facing a rough year is no reason to avoid saving. In fact, it might be better to hold on to your paycheque instead of wasting it all.


General: You can have the opportunity to connect with people in power. Go out and seek approval for things like permits, licenses, or permissions. You’re likely to get what you want if you put in the effort. This year is also a good year to start new partnerships; if you’re careful about who you team up with.

Wealth: This might be a good year for you to start a business. You’ll be bursting with ideas, all you need to do is match it with the corresponding activity to turn it into a reality. You’re also more likely to find yourself in a position to resolve problems to increase your income in 2019.

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Not everyone is going to run out to start a new business, but there are other ways benefitting from this fortune. Buy a house, apply for a credit card, take a loan. Anything that will help improve your credit score.


General: You have a prosperous year ahead of you. A promotion at work is available if you want it, so go all out and make yourself noticed in the office. You’re also going to be given more responsibility and may end up in leadership positions. Just be prepared to show others the way forward and start planning to fast track that career.

Wealth: There’s an opportunity for more income thanks to your new leadership position. It might mean a promotion at work, or just more work in general. Either way, you should start planning for ways to use this additional wealth.

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Wealth generates more wealth if handled properly. This is a good time to look into passive income streams like investment portfolios.


General: Relationships will define your 2019. If you’re single, you’re probably going to find someone; if you’re married, you’ll have the opportunity to make the relationship stronger by fixing existing issues.

Wealth: You will have a good year if you manage to keep your money safe. Be wary of thieves and pickpockets, and you will be free to be ambitious with your money. This will be a good financial year for the dragon. Look into opportunities to add to your passive income.

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Keeping an eye on your wallet doesn’t only mean avoiding physical thieves. Good cybersecurity practices will also prevent losses from cybercriminals.


General: You’re in luck if you’re looking for help with something. It could be for funding a new business or getting a new teacher. If anything, this is a great year to find yourself a mentor and learn a new skill. Even if you don’t go out looking, be prepared for people to offer to be your mentor and jump at the chance when it appears.

Wealth: Opportunities to make money will appear overseas, most likely through online platforms. Be prepared to take money making opportunities from other countries for the greatest success; especially if you’re already running your own business.

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Online trading can mean more than just buying and selling things. In fact, you could take this as an opportunity to use online trading platforms to participate on the stock market.


General: This is a good year for those born in the year of the horse. You’ll experience good luck, especially in interpersonal relationships. People will be around to offer you help when you need it, and you should not be too proud to accept any assistance.

Wealth: It’s a good time to invest in some sort of asset or buy something that you’ve wanted for a while. Any financial loss will be mostly symbolic, so don’t get discouraged by any setbacks. You’re looking at a very profitable and prosperous 2019.

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Buying something you want doesn’t have to be something without value. After all, what you really want is financial stability; and you should be focused your ultimate goal.


General: Those working in creative fields will have an opportunity to flourish this year. You’ll be bursting with new ideas; and will need an outlet to show them to the world. Just bear in mind that you still need to work with other people. There’s no reason to go overboard with trying to push your ideas through at the expense of others.

Wealth: Things will improve this year. There will be help in overcoming obstacles to your gaining wealth, so don’t panic if you face problems. You’ll also have more opportunities at work. Get your work done and you’ll stand out in the office; getting the recognition you deserve.

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You have plenty of ideas, but that doesn’t mean you should be too creative about your funds.


General: Financial wealth is your theme for this year. Both in terms of earning money and growing your career. It won’t be all smooth sailing and you will run into speed bumps along the way. Don’t be discouraged and keep working on those investments.

Wealth: Having a lot of financial luck only pays off if you do something about it. How much you earn will depend completely on your wit and skill, so you need to be at the top of your game. This doesn’t just mean playing for quick returns; it’s also a good time to set the stage for longer term goals.

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Periods of stable finances are a good time to start planning for your retirement. After all, it gives you space to invest more for the long term goal.


General: Roosters are going to face a challenging 2019. It will be all about persistence and perseverance; which is exactly what you’ll need to get through the year. This is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow as a person. It won’t be easy, but you can make the experience worth your time.

Wealth: Keep a close eye on your finances and avoid overspending. It won’t all be bleak, but you need to be extra careful about where your money is going throughout the year. Stay on the lookout for breaks that could help recoup any losses that may arise.

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Personal loans may sound like a terrible idea, but they could help you reorganise your finances. Don’t shy away from getting outside help if you’re in a tight spot.


General: Keep calm and take a deep breath. You’ll be facing all sorts of challenges and it doesn’t help to get worked up. Don’t get dragged into arguments and look after your health. Do this and you’ll get through the year in better shape than you went in.

Wealth: You’ll benefit from income flowing into your bank account. Beware that you may run into issues with your debtors, so keep an eye on your loans. This year, you will need a careful, tactical approach to avoid problems.

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Keeping an eye on things can be a little tricky. Thankfully, you live in the 21st century and can benefit from technology helping you out. Try using money management apps to track your cashflow.

Regardless, don’t let a good or bad forecast deter you from making the most of this year. In concluding, Joey Yap’s personal observations in the preface of his book are a timely reminder.

“I can say with complete confidence that there is no such thing as a truly good or bad year. We are not helpless with regards to the future,” he reminded that adequate preparations and seeking out the right knowledge and resources “can make 2019 the very best year it can possibly be”.

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