Minimum 10% Discount On All Sales Items Next Year, Says Ministry

Discount Malaysia

Despite the gloomy outlook, Malaysians still have a reason to rejoice next year: retail outlets offering sales for their items will have to give a minimum of 10% discount.

According to English-language daily New Straits Times, the compulsory discount was introduced under the amended Trade Descriptions (Cheap Sale Price) Regulations 1997.

Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry’s Enforcement Division director Roslan Mahayudin said it was up to the traders’ discretion to place any discount rate deemed suitable during sales.

“Putting a minimum of 10% discount will benefit the consumers, as well as stop traders who has taken advantage by putting lower discount rates and call it a cheap sale,” Roslan was quoted as saying today.

He announced this during his visit to Aeon Cheras Selatan supermarket for the Festive Season Price Control Scheme in conjunction with the Christmas celebration.

Other amendments to the regulations, he pointed out, included four annual sales instead of the current five.

Three of the sales will be on dates determined by the government such as the 1Malaysia Mega Sale, and one sale on a date chosen by the traders for their respective outlets.

The amendment also stated that outlets must have at least 50% of their items on sale to be considered as having a special sale campaign or event. At the moment, the requirement was 70%, which the ministry found to be difficult for traders to adhere.


*Image from Travelknots

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