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Chapter 7

[UPDATED] Escape To This Quaint, Old Town In China For Malaysia Day

Suggested travel dates
Public Holiday

This Malaysia day, you get to have a four-day weekend. All you have to do is take Friday off. Monday is a bonus day off since Malaysia Day falls on a Sunday this year.

Want to spend your long weekend in a cool, quaint location but cannot afford a trip to Europe? We know just the right place for you.

Lijiang Old Town, China

Credit: Shahful Shaffiq


A visit to China doesn’t always have to revolve around bustling traffic and busy people.

This picturesque old town of China is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and perfect for a quiet getaway. The Lijiang Old Town is one of the best preserved ancient cities in China. It’s also listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The town is historical and boasts old school architecture with narrow alleys overlooking handsome mountains and clear skies.

Averaging about 20 degrees in September, it’s just the right weather for you to stay cool while enjoying the scenic views.

Country facts
CurrencyChinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY 1.64 = RM 1)**
Official languageMandarin
Electricity3-pronged angled pins, 2 flat pins (the most common) or 2 narrow round pins. Electricity is 220 volts, 50 cycles AC
Malaysian embassy contactAddress : No.2, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie, Chaoyang District, Sanlitun, 100600, Beijing, China
Phone: +86 10 6532 2531 / 2 / 3
**Exchange rate as of May 2019
4-day Itinerary
Air ticket (roundtrip) to Kunming

High-speed train from Kunming to Lijiang (roundtrip)
RM850 (AirAsia)

Intercity transportRM500
Lodging3 nights @ Zuiyintang Inn = RM450 (additional tourist tax may apply)
Food, recreational activities, shopping, tours, etc.RM1,000
Overall total spent on tripRM3,550


Lijiang Old Town in 4 days

Mu’s Residence. Also known as the miniature Forbidden City. It’s located in the southwest region of Lijiang, and it’s an attraction you can’t miss. Mu’s Residence was home to the Mu family, the ruler of the Naxi people who ruled Lijiang at one point. During its prime, Mu’s Residence consisted of over 100 buildings. This iconic palace is well-known for its imperial architecture. Entrance fee is 60 Yuan. 

Lion Hill. Located at the centre of Lijiang, the Lion Hill got its name due to its massive size. Around the hill, you’ll find many ancient buildings and also a 15-hectares park that is lush green. It also has a great view of the Lijiang Old Town – and perfect for your sunrise/sunset adventures.

Black Dragon Pool Park. Yes, the place is as majestic as its name suggests. It’s almost – scratch that – it’s better than a scene out of a movie. The exquisite pool is interlinked and separated by a stone bridge. If you’re lucky, you’ll also catch a reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the waters. Make sure your phones are fully charged for the thousands of photos it will inspire you to take.

Dongba Culture Museum. Learn about the Dongba culture of Naxi people who used to rule Lijiang. The museum has a wide collection of cultural relics, paintings, scriptures, religious articles, and more. This museum is located at the north end of the Black Dragon Pool – and will cost 30 Yuan to enter.

Sifang Street. Located in the central area of Lijiang, it’s an iconic traditional market in the old town. You can find a lot of interesting things here, but make sure you don’t get too carried away shopping!

Shuhe Ancient Town. A quiet historical site that boasts ancient town charm. Head down to Shuhe for a stroll, and stop by their restaurants and cafes to quell your thirst and hunger. You’ll also find plenty of souvenirs here in the markets.

Blue Moon Valley. End your trip with a visit to the gorgeous Blue Moon Valley – a blue river that passes through the valley of the Jade Snow Dragon Mountain. You can take a bus up (20 Yuan) here, and there’s also a cable car ride (120 Yuan) available if you want a complete view of the mountains and valleys. A serene, peaceful setting for you to imbibe before going back to reality.


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