A Malaysian Foodie Trail Challenge [Infographic]


Food review websites have been growing in popularity at a fast pace with the advancement of technology that has allowed people access to the Internet anytime and anywhere. These online reviews are the product of “food critics” who faithfully travel to far off places to taste unique and delicious delicacies with the purpose of spreading the joy of eating to others through their words and photos.

Priding itself as a food haven, Malaysia is a unique melting pot of scrumptious cuisines that is deeply rooted in its many different cultures. The infographic below maps out the journey across different states for the benefit of those who wish to taste 11 of the most popular dishes Malaysia has to offer, be it the mouth-watering asam laksa or a fragrant Seremban siew pau.

The journey is not for the faint-hearted and would require certain pre-requisites – which we’ve taken the liberty of listing out. Are you ready to take up the Malaysian foodie challenge? A true foodie would in a heartbeat.

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