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Tune Protect And CGC To Offer Digital Insurance For MSMEs

The collaboration will help MSMEs gain better knowledge and access to insurance solutions.

Studies Shows A Surge Of Cancer Cases Globally For Those Under 50

The study shows more than a million under-50s a year dying of cancer globally.

Zurich Malaysia Introduces Online Appointment Booking System

Zurichs’s system eliminates much of the busy-work that comes along with making appointments.

Socso Introduces New Standards For Platforms Employing Gig Workers

In 2022, there was a 158 percent increase in accidents involving gig workers according to Socso.

Apa Perlu Buat Kalau Accident Kereta?

Pandulah dengan cermat supaya anda tidak perlu tahu tentang panduan ini.

Touch ‘n Go Launches ParkInsure, A First-Of-Its-Kind Off-Street Parking Insurance

Touch ‘n Go’s new parking insurance offers great value at an affordable price.

Mythbusting: 5 Common Auto Insurance Beliefs That Are Not True

Don’t be too quick to depend on your insurance to cover all your automobile needs. Your comprehensive auto insurance may…

Freelancer Guide To Building A Financial Safety Net

The life of a hired gun is exciting and daunting. But it’s not all that difficult if your finances are…

Pos Malaysia Launches Pos Raudhah Subscription Coverage For Funeral Management

Pos Raudhah provides help for funeral procedures to all Malaysian.

Own Foreign Assets? Here’s How To Include Them In Your Will

Here’s what you should do with your foreign assets in your will.