Budgeting has never being easier

Lower your monthly expenses, with our budget suggestions and expense monitoring tool.

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Set Your Monthly Budget

Let’s start by setting your monthly Income


? The amount that you earn each month. Include income from as many sources as you want to track (e.g salary, bonus, freelance, etc).

Now let’s input your expected monthly Expenses

  • Food

    ? The amount you spend on cooking ingredients, dining out, delivery, and snacks.
  • Transportation

    ? How much you spend on getting around. Including petrol, car maintenance, tolls, public transportation, etc.
  • Household & Utilities

    ? Bills, rent, cleaning stuff, and anything else you spend on your household. Not including home loans or mortgages.
  • Credit Card Payments

    ? Any amount you set aside for credit card payments, whether it's for budgeting or to clear existing debt.
  • Entertainment & Shopping

    ? How much you spend on things that you do in your free time, including movies, shopping, hobbies, and leisure activities.
  • Loan Payment

    ? The amount that you're paying to clear your debts. It's a good idea to clear these as quickly as you can.
  • Med Insurance

    ? Your monthly medical insurance premium (you can pay for other people too).
  • Miscellaneous

    ? Other expenses that don't fit into the other categories.