Professional Home Loan Savings Plan:
Unlock Savings In 30 Days

  • *Free Consultation

    We review your loan to find potential savings on interest and repayment terms.

  • Professional Loan Analysis

    Connect with an expert for personalised strategies to optimise your loan.

  • Result In *30 days

    See how our recommendations can show results even in *30 days.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.


1. What is a Home Loan Savings Plan?

This plan helps you potentially reduce your mortgage loan interest and tenure by a significant amount, often ranging from 30% to 75%. You can see initial results within 30 days, including a verified confirmation of your outstanding balance with your financial institution.

2. Who is eligible for the service?

Most cases are eligible for our service, subject to our terms and conditions. Simply submit the necessary documents, and we’ll assess your case.  If our analysis indicates that potential savings are minimal, we’ll advise you against using the service to ensure it’s the best financial decision for you.

3. How is this different from a standard loan calculator?

Loan calculators only provide basic calculations based on your initial inputs, which may not be accurate. Additionally, they rely on static interest rates, which can change over time.  Our service takes a deeper dive, analysing your specific loan agreement and the terms and conditions you signed with your loan provider. So the calculation will be specific to your loan provider’s interest charges and payment terms.

4. Is the service worthwhile if my outstanding loan balance is low?

Every bit counts!  Even if the potential savings appear small, it’s still money you can keep. However, we will always prioritise your situation. If the potential savings are minimal, we’ll recommend against using the service to avoid unnecessary expense.

5. What happens if my repayments become unaffordable during the service?

The beauty of our service is its flexibility.  We can work with you to customise a plan that fits your budget.  In some cases, downgrading to a different service package might be an option.

6. Does the service involve negotiating with my financial institution? Will I breach my loan contract?

No. Our service focuses on optimising your loan based on the existing terms and conditions outlined in your Loan Offer Letter. There’s no need to renegotiate with your financial institution or change your loan agreement.  In rare cases, depending on your specific loan contract, we may need additional information from your financial institution. This will be determined during the assessment process, and we’ll guide you through everything you need to provide.

7. How does iMoney optimise my loan repayment schedule?

Our service doesn’t involve negotiating with your financial institution or altering your existing loan agreement.  Instead, we have partnered with a financial expert who will focus on helping you save on your home loan interest based on the terms you already signed. You will be provided with clear instructions on how to proceed if you choose to accept the recommendations after the consultation.