• Min. Monthly Income


  • Interest Rate

    15% p.a.

  • Balance Transfer

    0% p.a.

  • Annual Fee


Feature Highlights
  • 10X BonusLink Points on selected retail transactions
  • Travel insurance coverage of up to RM500,000 per annum


  • Fuel up at Shell and earn 30 BonusLink points for every RM10 spent


  • Swipe your card at Parkson and earn 30 BonusLink points for every RM10 spent


  • Earn 30 BonusLink points for every RM10 spent for your groceries


  • Stay protected with travel insurance coverage of up to RM500,000 per annum


  • Earn 30 BonusLink points for every RM10 spent on entertainment: movie tickets, bowling & more!

Other Features

  • Activate AutoBillPay for utilities and insurance payments - no more late payments and long queue

  • Balance Transfer

    • Min. transfer amount: RM4,000
    • Repayment tenure and interest rate:
      - 12 months: 0% per annum; 0% one-time upfront fee

  • Instalment Plan

    • Up to 24 months 0% interest Easy-Payment Plan (EPP)
    • 0% Easy Payment Plan, 24 months interest free with minimum RM500 purchase at all participating merchants

Card Information

Annual Fee Free (Waived for 1st two years. Subsequently, waived for min.12x swipes per year or else, RM238.50)
Min. Monthly Income RM2,000.00
Min. age for principal holder

21 and above

Min. age for supplementary holder

18 and above

Fee for supplementary holder RM132.50
Finance charges 15% p.a. – prompt minimum payment for 12 consecutive months

17% p.a. – prompt payment for at least 10 out of 12 months

18% p.a – if any of the above is not met

Sales and Services Tax (SST)

0% on annual fee and other charges

Late payment charge

Higher of RM10 or 1% of outstanding balance, up to a maximum of RM100

Cash advance amount

Up to 100% of credit limit

Cash advance charge

5% of the amount withdrawn plus applicable GST of 6% on fees charged or a minimum of RM53, whichever is higher

Cash advance interest charge

18% per annum on cash advance amount until full payment is received

Cashback Limit


Rewards points expiry

BonusLink Points have validity of 3 years

Product Review by iMoney Malaysia

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Enjoy lifestyle promotions and privileges at selected restaurants, coffee houses, movies and many more while earning 10x BonusLink Points on most retail transactions. You will get 30 BonusLink Points for every RM10 spent on these categories; Groceries, Dining, Online Transactions, Entertainment, Shell Petrol and Parkson Shopping. You can travel with absolute peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected with complimentary RM500,000 travel insurance coverage when the full fare of airline tickets are charged to the card. With the 0% Easy Payment Plan program, you can enjoy up to 24 months interest free instalment payment on hundreds of products at participating merchants with just a minimum purchase of RM500.

Fees and Charges

The annual fee for this card is free for the first two years, subsequent years annual fee is waived with minimum 12 swipes per annum. Else, you'll be charged annual fee of RM477. By making prompt minimum payment (the higher of RM50 or 5% of outstanding balance) for 12 consecutive months, you get to enjoy low finance charges rate of 15% per annum. If you are able to make prompt payment for at least 10 out of 12 months, the rate will be 17% per annum, otherwise it will be 18% per annum. As a late repayment penalty, the higher of RM10 or 1% of outstanding balance, up to a maximum of RM100 will apply.

Are You Eligible For The AmBank BonusLink VISA Gold Card?

To apply for AmBank BonusLink VISA Gold Card, you need to have a minimum monthly income of RM4,000 and to be at least 21 years old for principal holder or at least 18 years old for supplementary holder.

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