Majority Of Malaysians Believe Insurance/Takaful Coverage Is Necessary – But How Adequately Covered Are They?

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While health has been on top of everyone’s minds in the last few years, has it changed our thinking about getting protected and insured?

We ran a survey to find out about Malaysians’ attitude towards getting insurance/takaful coverage and some insights as to why the majority of Malaysians are still not adequately covered. In fact, according to statistics from Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), more than half of Malaysians were still without insurance/takaful coverage.

Read on to find out more about how you can now get easy access to affordable insurance/takaful coverage via the EPF i-Lindung initiative together with Prudential Malaysia. For more information on Prudential Malaysia’s offerings on EPF i-Lindung, visit: https://bit.ly/prudentialilindung (Insurance) https://bit.ly/prubsnilindung (Takaful).

Haziq Alfian: