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  • iMoney has the best financial tips around, money saving tips, credit card tips, debt management… a must-visit for Malaysians.

    - Lim C. K.

  • Very detailed Broadband information and comparison between Home use and Business use.

    - Simon

  • Fast and easy. No hassle to hop from one bank to another anymore. I can get complete information from iMoney. And sometimes I use SmartSearch to get updates and having fun!

    - Faezah Fadzil

  • The site was useful and contains many info. Didn’t manage to find a credit card that suited my needs. Would be good if you have credit cards from a large variety of banks and more freebies.

    - S Ying

  • Information and suggested credit cards were beyond my expectation. At first, I was unsure on providing my details to get a card, but the person in charge was friendly and I felt comfortable sharing my details with him.

    - Amirul

  • I was searching for credit cards online and ended up on iMoney credit card page. Website was easy to use and I found a credit card that met my needs. Your customer service centre called me shortly after that Really happy with the service you provided!

    - Aisyah

  • I googled for “best credit card recommendations” and found imoney’s website. I looked at all the credit card comparison data and applied for a card. Someone from iMoney called me to provide me some card recommendations and help me finish the application. Good service!

    - Ruzman

  • I got to know about iMoney when I saw their ‘Maybank cards’ offer on Groupon’s website. I found iMoney quite useful, not just for the credit card comparison but they had many informative articles. Got an instant response from a customer care personnel and they kept me informed about my application.

    - Amanda

  • I heard about iMoney through a friend. I looked it up and found quite a lot of recommended cards. Applied for a card and got a call from customer care. The guy who called me was very helpful. iMoney has some interesting articles and occasionally I find time to read them.

    - Shahril

  • Googled for credit cards in Malaysia and found different comparison websites. After looking at all the information, I decided to apply for a card with iMoney. Quite straightforward process with enough information on credit cards. I still referred to info on the bank’s website as it had more details.

    - Mohamed AM