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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are looking to expand your business, finance your SME or kickstart your small business, these small business loans can be a good way to fulfill your short term cash needs. We’ve listed the personal loans that are best suited for your small business needs. Once you have decided on the small business loan that you want, click “Proceed” to initiate your application.

Small business loans to suit your short term financing needs

Personal loans can be used not only to bridge personal cash needs, but also small business needs. Sole proprietors may find these small business loans useful to fund business expansions, fulfill short term cashflow needs, or even to jumpstart a new business venture.

The banks and products selected offer larger loan amounts, longer loan tenure or favourable interest rates to high-credibility borrowers for the purpose of doing business.

How do personal loans in Malaysia work?

Personal loans can range from as little as RM1,000 to over RM150,000 or more. How much you qualify to borrow depends on your individual circumstances (e.g. income, your ability to repay), as well as the terms offered by the lender. If you wish to borrow beyond this amount, you may find that a secured loan is a better option.

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