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    1.75 %
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    Term Loan
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    1 year

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What's so great about Maybank Islamic HouzKEY?

  • 100% Financing with no down payment required

  • No payment during construction

  • Lowest monthly payment

icon Fee & Charges

Legal Fees and disbursment for SPA Legal fee as per Solicitor's Remuneration (Amendment) Order (SRAO) 2017 & disbursement
Stamp Duty for SPA RM10/copy (4 copies to be stamped)
Deed of Mutual Covenant RM10/copy (4 copies to be stamped)
Security Deposit 3 months of refundable security deposit
Legal fees and disbursment for Home Financing Agreement Legal fee as per Solicitor's Remuneration (Amendment) Order (SRAO) 2017 & disbursement
Stamp Duty for Home Financing Agreement As per First Schedule of item 22(1)(b) of Stamp Act for the original copy and nominal stamp duty of RM10/copy
Legal fees and disbursment for Deed of Trust RM300
Stamp duty for Deed of Trust RM10/copy (4 copies to be stamped)
Legal fees for Power of Attorney (PA) RM300
Stamp Duty for Power of Attorney RM10/copy (4 copies to be stamped)
Registration fee for Power of Attorney Registration fee for PA at High Court and Land Office (according to respective states' requirement)
Legal fees for Purchase Undertaking RM150
Stamp Duty for Purchase Understand RM10/copy (4 copies to be stamped)
Notice of Settlement RM50

icon Eligibility

Loan Tenure: Up to 35 Years
Margin of Finance: 100% Financing
Suitable for: New launches, under-construction and completed properties offered by HouzKEYs partnering developers

Review by iMoney

  • Maybank Islamic offers a homeownership financing solution to assist first and second-home Malaysian buyers in owning their dream home. It is available for properties offered by Maybank's partnering developers which include new launches, under-construction, and completed properties. Applicants start off with 5 years tenure and have the flexibility to continue for up to an additional 30 years. Thus, the maximum tenure that can be offered is up to 35 years (or up to 70 years old, whichever earlier).

    Maybank Islamic HouzKEY is based on the Shariah contract of Ijarah Muntahiyah Bi Tamlik which is a lease contract that ends with ownership via sale. For property under construction, it is also based on the same Shariah contract with the application of Ijarah mawsufah fi zimmah which is a forward lease contract where the property to be made available at an agreed future date based on agreed specifications.

    Maybank Islamic HouzKEY also offered some features product such as 100% financing with no downpayment required, no payment during construction where Maybank offers help to finance the cost during construction and enjoy the lowest monthly payments with best rates.

    • Only Malaysian citizens between 18-70 years old may apply for Maybank Islamic HouzKEY
    • Must not have more than one home financing at the point of application
    • Up to 3 guarantors allowed
  • You will need to provide a list of supporting documents for your application for Maybank Islamic HouzKEY to begin the application process. The list of documents are:

    If you are employed:

    • NRIC / Identity Card
    • Latest 3 months consecutive salary slip
    • Latest EPF statement
    • Latest 3 months bank statements (if non-Maybank crediting salary)


    If you are self-employed:

    • NRIC / Identity Card
    • Latest 6 months bank statements
    • Latest consecutive 2 years B/BE Form (with tax receipt)
    • Latest 2 years financial account statement/management account
    • Latest SSM Search


    Other supporting documents to strengthen your credit profile:

    • Latest BE Form (with tax receipt)
    • 2 years EA form for non-contractual bonus
    • Employment confirmation letter on fixed bonus
    • 6 months or up to 1-year bank statement or commission /variable allowance/ overtime/ service point vouchers
    • 3 months pension statement
    • Copy of ASB/Tabung Haji reflecting customer's name and the latest balance
    • Copy of Fixed Deposit certificate
    • Valid tenancy agreement not less than 6 months from expiry or 6 months bank statement showing rental income and property ownership evidence
  • Get your monthly repayments calculated based on the property value and home financing amount using our home loan calculator. Once you are comfortable with the monthly repayment, you can apply through iMoney for a free consultation. Applying for Maybank Islamic HouzKEY with iMoney is absolutely free of charge.
  • Maybank Islamic HouzKEY's applicants are required to complete Direct Debit Authorization Form for monthly financing payment.