RHB Home Financing

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    3.00 %
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    Flexi Loan
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    Lock in Period
    3 years

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What's so great about RHB Home Financing?

  • Full-Flexi financing

  • No additional charges

  • Easy excess withdrawal

icon Eligibility

Minimum Age: 18 Years
Loan Tenure: Up to 35 Years
Margin of Finance: 90% + 5% MRTA
Suitable for: Completed & under-construction properties, refinance

Review by iMoney

  • In general, RHB housing loan products are highly flexible package. These RHB mortgage loans can be tailored to suit your personal needs. Whether it is completed or still under construction, you can sign up for any RHB housing loan. This includes all types of residential properties, landed or otherwise. For your convenience, there are several channels for you to pay RHB mortgage loan monthly repayment such as online transfer, over the counter or ATM.

    To ease your mind, RHB provides you RHB housing loan calculator to aid you in calculating the figures. Via this RHB loan calculator, you just need to insert the data required to estimate your monthly repayment. RHB offers two simple home loan packages: the first of which is the My1 Flexi Home Loan which is a semi-Flexi package that allows you to make convenient payments in excess of your fixed instalment amounts.

    This particular RHB housing loan allows you to make excess payments on top of your regular monthly instalments. Besides, you can also redraw the excess payment paid in their loan account during the tenure of the loan via RHB housing loan product. There is no linked current account, so a redrawal request (and an RM50 fee) will be needed to withdraw any extra repayments made in the past. The instalment amount should be within 40% of salary for this particular RHB mortgage loan product.

    Check out the RHB housing loan calculator as reference. The My1 First Home Loan is offered in compliance with the My First Home Scheme (Skim Pinjaman Rumah Pertamaku) which was initiated by the government. RHB Home Loan comes with a lock in period of 3 years. When you’re planning to make an early full redemption and complete your loan repayment within this period, you can expect to pay a penalty fee of up to 2% on your outstanding loan amount.

    The settlement fee is comparatively low against the majority of other Malaysian banks. For this RHB housing loan, the minimum loan amount is RM100,000 exclusive of MRTA. If you are uncertain about how much you need, you can estimate the amount through RHB housing loan calculator to incorporate the special low RHB housing loan rate. Besides, there’s another RHB housing loan calculator to determine your affordability.

    These RHB loan calculators are provided to ensure you have the sufficient money. The highlight of this RHB bank home loan products is you can enjoy special RHB housing loan rate for properties above RM400,000. Upon request, you can also get special low RHB housing loan rate. RHB mortgage loan packages come with maximum loan tenure of up to 35 years, or until the borrower reaches the age of 70.

    The My1 Flexi Home Loan can offer up to 90%+5% financing including the purchase of an MRTA policy from Tokio Marine Insurance, RHB’s insurance partner. The My1 First Home Loan offers 100% financing. This RHB mortgage loan can be paid via deduction from your monthly salary.

    As mention previously, there are 2 types of RHB loan calculators available. RHB provides you RHB home loan calculator to estimate how much you can borrow, how much you will have to pay, and for how many years. To use this RHB home loan calculator, just log on to the RHB official website and select the RHB home loan calculator at the side bar under the “Loans”. You will be led into RHB home loan calculator window. Just insert the loan amount, the interest rate and your desired loan tenure into the exclusive RHB home loan calculator; then you will find out how much you need to pay every month. That’s how it works.

    There is another RHB housing loan calculator to calculate your affordability. Unlike the previous RHB loan calculator, just insert your monthly income and your monthly expenditure. By taking into account of the competitive RHB housing loan rate, you can determine the estimated home purchase price based on your income and debts. Both types of RHB loan calculator will definitely help you to make a better decision when comes to choosing the right RHB home loan to suit you.

  • The main characteristics of RHB’s home loan packages are highlighted for your comparison.

    Product Key Features Is this a flexi package?
    My1 Flexi Home Loan
    • Flexi home loan that allows for payment in excess of instalment amount
    • Redrawal is allowed at RM50 per transaction
    • Margin of financing up to 90% +5% (for MRTA with Tokio Marine)
    Yes, semi-flexi
    My1 First Home Loan
    • For first time home buyers only
    • Applicable by Malaysians aged 35 and below
    • Margin of financing up to 100%
  • Flexi home packages allow borrowers to make extra repayments every month in order to reduce their monthly interest charges. These packages come with requirements, fees and conditions that should be considered alongside their benefits.

     My1 Flexi Home Loan
    Flexi type Semi-flexi
    Is a linked bank account required? No
    Account Maintenance Fees No
    Redrawal Fees RM50
  • If you have applied for a RHB Home Loan, you will be asked to provide some supporting documents in order for the bank to process your application. These documents are listed below:

    • Application Form
    • NRIC / Identity Card
    • Copy of Sales and Purchase or Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer
    • Copy of Individual Title Deed
    • Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)
    • Latest 3 consecutive months of salary slips / vouchers
    • Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement
    • Latest EPF statements (with 3 consecutive months or more transaction history)
    • Latest EA form
    • Latest 6 months Bank Statement
    • Letter of Confirmation of Employment and Remuneration
  • You can use the RHB Bank home loan calculator to calculate your monthly repayments, based on your desired property value and loan amount. Once you are ready to apply, you can make a free enquiry through iMoney, and we will call you back. Applying for a home loan with iMoney is absolutely free of charge. If you are not sure whether this home loan by RHB Bank is your best option, click here to compare other home loans in Malaysia.

  • Below are some of the methods for repaying an RHB home loan.

    Online Transfer
    : Transfer funds from your RHB Bank Savings or Checking accounts to make your payments online

    : Pay your loans at any of the MEPS ATMs (over 5,000) nationwide

    Interbank GIRO
    : Pay your loans through the Interbank GIRO fund transfer at the participating bank's branch or through online banking

    Standing Instruction Facility
    : Automatic deduction from your bank account every month

    RHB ATMs
    : Transfer funds from your RHB Savings or Checking accounts to make your payment at all RHB branches

    Express Payment machine
    : Make a check or cash deposit at RHB branches

    Payment by Mail
    : Mail to RHB with your check and statement enclosed in an envelope

    Phone Banking
    : Issue instructions to have your bank account deducted to pay for your home loan with your T-PIN

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