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About DiGi

DiGi was founded in 1995 and has become one of the most recognised and the prominent mobile telecommunication services provider in Malaysia. DiGi with its DiGi postpaid package is well-known for its progressive and efficient product and service innovation. The ultimate goal of DiGi is to deliver the best experience to help their customers across Malaysia to harness the capabilities of mobile Internet through plans like its DiGi Data Plan. Thus, it offers a wide range of mobile telecommunication services that enables the customer to choose from.

DiGi Postpaid Plans

For those who are looking for a plan that only charge you on the amount that you have used, there is always the DiGi Smart Plan such as DG SmartPlan 50. This plan gives you 2GB bundled DiGi data plan for only RM45 per month. On top of that, you can obtain free 200 SMS every month. When it comes to settling your DiGi postpaid package bills, there are many payment methods for your convenience. For example, you can pay through Flexi-e-load, mail or using a cash deposit machine. Other DiGi Smart Plans include DG SmartPlan 78, DG SmartPlan 108 and DG SmartPlan 148. The highlight of this DiGi plan would be the bundled Internet, free call minutes and SMS.

DiGi Prepaid Plans

Some of us dislike queuing up just to settle our bills at the payment counter. Thus, we may just get ourselves prepaid plans which ease our burden and prevent us from overspending on our mobile phones. Here in DiGi, it offers you several types of prepaid plans to cater your different needs. One of the DiGi prepaid plans is DiGi Easy Prepaid which costs you only RM16.80 to start with. It provides you free calls and free SMS. If you add-on to subscribe Extra Buddyz services for RM18 every month, you will get 300MB Internet volume for this DiGi Internet plan. Besides that, you will also get birthday bonus in which you be entitled to 50% more credit when you reload on your birthday. The highlight of this DiGi plan would be the add-ons that you can get, that can help you get additional savings.

DiGi Smartphone Plan

Want to get the premium experiences of using a spanking new smartphones (available through DiGi Smartphone Plan)? You can always get different types of DiGi Smart Plan. For example, you can get a new Sony Xperia M2 for free with monthly fee of RM78 on your DiGi postpaid package. Not only that you can have fun with your new mobile phone, you will also benefit from 3GB DiGi Internet plan as well as 100 minutes free calls and 100 free SMS. The internet plan included here is a DiGi Mobile Internet Plan which allows you to use it on your phone and at any time, any place. The highlight of this DiGi plan (or DiGi Smart Plan) would be the smartphone that you can get.

DiGi Internet Plan (inclusive of DiGi Mobile Internet Plan)

With the advancement of technology, everyone is constantly seeking for the Internet connections such as wi-fi wherever and whenever they are (which is possible with a DiGi Mobile Internet Plan). Now almost everyone is holding a smartphone (made even cheaper to own one through DiGi Smartphone Plan) or a tablet which enables them to stay connected with others. How about the laptop users? It will be a great disaster if there is no fixed line at home. Thus, DiGi Internet plan offers you various kinds of broadband plans which include the DiGi postpaid plans and prepaid plans type as well. With only RM69 every month, you can enjoy a monthly data volume up to 4GB DiGi data plan when you subscribe to DiGi Broadband 4GB Postpaid. Besides, you can always top up that enable you to keep on surfing even after you have exhausted your monthly Internet quota on your DiGi data plan. This DiGi plan allows you to choose an internet package with a quota and speed that suits you (includes phone if you take a DiGi Smart Plan).

DiGi Corporate Plans

Thinking of expanding your business or conquering the market? One of the key definitely lies within your telecommunication services. With the right tools, you can boost up your productivity and capability of your business. In DiGi, you can achieve your goal as it offers you the right business aid. With DiGi Biz Plan (a DiGi postpaid plan designed for business), you can make your business grow exponentially with a monthly fee up to RM250. You will obtain worth RM500 bundled voice calls, SMS and MMS. In addition, DiGi Biz Plan 250 also gives you 3GB bundled DiGi data plan (for a more convenient access, you can get it with DiGi Mobile Internet Plan). This Digi Internet plan is designed to enhance your business performance. There are more benefits that you will gain such as international roaming, calling line identification presentation (CLIP) and International Direct Dial (IDD). Therefore, you have so much to gain when you sign up this DiGi Plan.


As a game-changer in the Malaysian telecommunications industry with a solid history of innovative products and services, DiGi certainly has more to offer. One of the renowned feature of DiGi postpaid plan or prepaid plan is the Friends and Family services. When you sign up for this service, it only charges you as low as 6 cents per minute when you call up the person. Friends and Family brought to you by DiGi also enable you to SMS your beloved at as low as 1 cent per SMS. Other DiGi postpaid plans like DG Postpaid Simple and DG Family, are suitable for people who wants to include their family and/or if they are not sure what plans should they sign up for. Additional service provided by DiGi is the DiGi SendMoney service. DiGi has collaborated with Maybank Money Express to bring you a speedy and secure way to send money to your loved ones and other individuals from 10 countries. Through several simple steps, you can transfer your money easily in any DiGi stores to other friends.


If you are a DiGi postpaid package user, you will get to enjoy DiGi postpaid promotions. An example of a DiGi postpaid promotion would be the possibilities for you to enjoy a rebate on your Ayamas meal whereby you will get a whole roaster, 1.5 litre drink and a FREE half roaster worth RM47.70 at only RM29.80 (valid till 31 July 2014). Besides, DiGi postpaid promotions also include mall partners whereby you can get rebates and rewards if you shop in Subang Parade with participating merchants.

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