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About Celcom

Celcom is one of the leading mobile network operators in Malaysia. They offer services for the consumer market in the form of Celcom prepaid plan and Celcom postpaid plan just to name a few. Besides, there are also different types of Celcom package plan such as Celcom data plan, Celcom smartphone plan, Celcom corporate plan as well as the Celcom unlimited data plan. On the corporate front, they offer communication solutions that aim to make communication within the company easy, affordable and secure through services like “Mobile Business Management”.

Celcom Postpaid Plans

Celcom postpaid plans (non-data only plans) comes in 3 main forms. The highlight of this Celcom plan is its “One Rate” to any network, anytime regardless if it is video call or SMS. On top of that, they come with a generous amount of free calls and messages between principal and supplementary lines. One of these plans is Celcom First Elite that is geared towards high-usage consumers to save more. As the name suggests, this Celcom plan also offers privileges that will not be available in other plans such as Personal Service Consultant. The other type of Celcom postpaid packages would be Celcom First Premier which is catered towards a more balanced user. Finally, for the light users, there is the Celcom First Prime.

Celcom Smartphone Plans

One of the benefits of taking a postpaid plan is you can use it first and pay later, without having to worry about not having enough call credits at any one time. The other benefit would be the ability to sign up for a postpaid plan that comes with a smartphone at a discounted price. This Celcom smartphone plan usually comes with a 12-months or 24-months contract. For instance, if you decided to get Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Celcom First Elite package, you will be looking at a phone price that is as low as RM988 compared to its recommended retail price at RM2,399. One of the drawbacks to these Celcom smartphone plan would be the high upfront cost that a consumer will need to fork out as it includes advance payment and discounted device price (if any). On top of that, you will lose the flexibility of changing mobile network operators and even the postpaid plan that comes with the package.

Celcom Data Plan

With the amount of online services such as Facebook and WhatsApp out there, there will be a need for the internet to connect to these services. However, mobile internet can be very expensive with the Pay-Per-Use rate at RM0.10 per 10kb. This does not need to be case with Celcom data plan. You can also take up the Celcom data plan together with your postpaid plan. With a fixed rate every month, it allows you to connect to your friends. Some factors that you will need to consider before choosing the Celcom data plan would be the data volume that you will be getting / allowed to use and speed of the connection. If you are a light user, you can consider the plan that the “Lite” or “Basic” Plan. While for the more data hungry users, the “Advance” or “Pro” Celcom unlimited data plan will be more suitable. For a faster than 3G connection, you will want to take up this Celcom internet plan with 4G LTE. On the other hand, Celcom also offers you Celcom broadband plan for the customers. Celcom First Data is the Celcom broadband plan that enables you to connect the internet with your PC & netbook. With the monthly payment as low as RM48, you will get a data volume of 1.5GB. Nonetheless, you can always upgrade your Celcom broadband plan to 4G LTE Modem. This Celcom broadband plan is also compatible to your tablet PC devices.

Celcom Corporate Plans

With Celcom plan that cater to consumers, there is also Celcom corporate plan which cater to businesses. The plans come in 3 different packages; Celcom First Power 48, Celcom First Power 98 and Celcom First Power 148. All of these Celcom Corporate plans come with a complimentary 50 hours of voice and video calls within the company. While for Celcom First Power 148, there will be a 5GB data volume included. A user can however sign up for Celcom internet plan, with a similar range of packages offered as for consumers; Lite, Basic, Advance and Pro. Available only to corporate clients, if a business wants to be able to manage and monitor their mobile devices, there is other Celcom package plan such as the “Mobile Business Management”.


Some other services provided by Celcom other than the Celcom package plan would be the option to manage your account online from changing credit limit and paying bills to checking data usage; without going through the hassle of heading to the physical location and queuing up to complete a transaction that most of the time takes less than 2 minutes. For days that you or your loved ones need some emergency cash or reload, there is the Celcom AirCash. Celcom AirCash, a secure mobile financial service allows you to reload airtime for yourself or others, and transfer money locally and internationally. There is also the Sim Card Rescue, whereby should you change phones or if your phone gets stolen, you will not need to lose your important contacts. Apart from the high-speed Celcom unlimited data plan, you will also be able to enjoy International Roaming or International Call (IDD) service with Celcom.

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