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About Maxis

Maxis is a multi-award winning communications service provider in Malaysia, catering both individuals and also business customers with wide range of communication services. Maxis is well known as the first carrier to offer 3G services back in 2005. In 2007, Maxis offered their customers the original Apple iPhone before anyone else. With the nation’s largest base of 14 million subscribers, in addition to their innovative mobile plans, Maxis also provides the super high speed 4G services across the country. Besides that, they also offer many kinds of exclusive Maxis phone plan services such as Maxis data plans, Maxis smartphones plans, Maxis postpaid plans, Maxis broadband plan and also Maxis internet plans for corporate business, government sector, as well as SME.

Maxis Postpaid Plans

Maxis offers you various kind of Maxis phone plan such as Maxis postpaid plan for different people with different needs. Most people will choose Maxis postpaid plans as they can use first and pay later. For those who loves to talk, there is Maxis TalkMore mobile plan in which the customer will receive at least 200 minutes of talktime to all network. You can call from as low as 3 cents per minute. Besides that, Maxis postpaid packages also include the great MaxisONE mobile plan in which one of the key features is it offers limitless talktimes and SMS quotas with the monthly commitment as low as RM78. At the same time, this brand new postpaid plan also comes with a data volume as low as 1GB which you can always boost up your data limit with minimum charges of RM10. For the customers that have light usage of the handphone, there is always Maxis postpaid package such as MaxisONE Plan Lite. Thus, it is always a better choice if you choose the Maxis postpaid packages.

Maxis Internet Plan

For those people that can’t live without the internet connection every single minute, there is Maxis unlimited data plan to cater their needs. In Maxis, they offer you Maxis data plans such as SurfMore Data Plan. With the brand new Maxis data plan or Maxis internet plan, the customers can get the best internet quotas available with a minimum charge of RM50 monthly. Maxis SurfMore Data Plan also offers you minimum 2GB surfing quotas. Besides that, the customers can add their family as supplementary users under their own account (principal line). By subscribing to SurfMore 30 internet plan, the supplementary users can get 1GB supplementary surfing quotas. Furthermore, the customers will also be entitled to 900 minutes talktimes and 1,500 SMS between family lines for free. For those PC and laptops users, Maxis also offers you the Maxis broadband plan to ease your life. With the monthly payment as low as RM48, you can enjoy the web-surfing using the exclusive Maxis broadband plan.

Maxis Smartphones Plan

Thinking of getting a brand new smartphones as well as a Maxis data plan? You can get the best of both worlds by having your new phone with Maxis internet plan namely MaxisONE plan. For instance, you can get a Xiaomi Mi3 with the lowest instalment at RM269 which also comes with MaxisONE postpaid plan. There is either 12-month or 24-month contract period. The benefit when you subscribe this Maxis smartphone plan is that you can use it and pay later and do not need to worry about running out of credit. Besides that, you can be the user of the latest smartphone or even tablet offered in the market.

Maxis Corporate Plan

As one of the leading communication service provider in Malaysia, Maxis also offers various advanced network and communications solutions for different kind of businesses. For customers who just started a SME (small medium enterprise) who is also looking for a flexible business tool, there is Maxis Business Kit for them. With the payment as low as RM288 per month, Maxis Business Kit offers you internet, business voice solutions as well as mobile lines all in one affordable bundle. For corporate businesses who want to keep up with the fast pace, there are several business tools such as Cloud Computing and also BOARDPAC. The highlight of this Maxis package plan is a solution that enables your Board Members and Board Secretary to manage the company meetings in a eco-friendly environment. In a very secure and organized manner, the tablets or the smartphones are the only main communication tools instead of papers. Ultimately, both business tools could enhance your businesses and increase your productivity.

Maxis Prepaid Plan

For those people who is looking for the Maxis prepaid plan, there is Maxis phone plan namely Hotlink which also gives you several choices to choose from. With the #Hotlink, you will benefit from the 2-in-1 internet plan within the prepaid plan. Besides that, you also can enjoy up to 6% bonus credit based on your total top-up amount every 2 months. The only downside of the prepaid plan is you need to worry about the credit balance. However, you can easily top up using Hotlink Hot Tickets or e-Hot Tickets which are convenient and easy for you.


In the past, Maxis offers the Maxis unlimited data plan to the customer. Now you can have more benefits from this Maxis unlimited data plan with additional charges as low as RM10. In addition to various types of Maxis phone plans which include a wide range of Maxis postpaid plans, Maxis data plans, Maxis smartphone plans and also Maxis internet plans, Maxis also have several unique services. For instance, Maxis offers Kiddie Care Services in which you can block the applications as well as control the usage time. Besides that, Maxis users can have online access to their MyMaxis account. You can manage all your lines including Hotlink lines, as well as pay your bills safely without leaving your seats. Maxis also offers Maxis Rewards which rewards their customers for their loyalty and continuous support. Despite the variety Maxis package plans, the other type of services which is provided by Maxis is Circle Watch. Circle Watch is a smartphone application that offers you the exact location of your families and friends. Thus, it could give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe and sound. Regardless of the type of Maxis package plans that you have chosen, you will obtained countless benefits and rewards.

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