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Zurich Insurans Kereta Z-Driver

Plan motor dengan tambahan SUPER NILAI untuk melindungi mereka yang anda sayangi.

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  • You can cancel your policy at any time by providing a notice in writing to AmAssurance. The quickest way is to email customer@amassurance.com.my.

  • Zurich Z-Drive Assist includes:

    • Benefits for accidental death or permanent disability
    • Medical expense benefits and hospitalisation allowance
    • Unlimited roadside and towing assistance
    • Optional coverage for snatch theft, ATM robbery, and dengue fever
  • You will need to pay:

    1. Service tax - 6%
    2. Stamp duty - RM10
    3. Agent commission - 10%
  • Zurich does not cover damage caused by:

    • War, Civil War
    • Suicide, Insanity
    • Provoked Murder or Assault
    • Any kind of racing other than on foot
    • Radiation, Nuclear
  • You can cancel your insurance policy by sending a notice in writing provided that you have not yet made a claim. You may ask your Zurich agent or send an email to callcentre@zurich.com.my to get started.

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