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  • Etiqa is the best solution for those of you with large families who all use the same cars. It automatically enrolls all your authorised drivers, providing you with the broadest car insurance coverage available. You can also get an instant 10% discount on your NCD by renewing your policy online.

  • Etiqa Comprehensive Private Car Takaful provides: Third party bodily injury and death Third party property loss or damage Loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire, theft, or accident Key benefits: Instant 10% rebate upon renewal (on top of NCD) Fast & easy All authorised drivers - no need to put in any named drivers Agreed value - reimbursed according to the agreed value Nil excess - no more claims excess when you make a claim 24-hour emergency road assistance

  • You will need to pay: Service tax - 6% Stamp duty - RM10 Wakalah fees - 30% of contribution

  • Etiqa Comprehensive Private Car Takaful does not cover: Your own death or bodily injury due to a motor accident. Your liability against claims from passengers in your vehicle. Loss, damage or liability arising from an act of nature (floods, storms or landslides). Consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, rust and corrosion, mechanical or electronic breakdowns, failures or breakdown, equipment or computer malfunction.

  • You can cancel your insurance policy by sending a notice in writing and returning your original certificate of insurance to Etiqa. Contact your insurance agent or send an email to for more information.

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