Unlock The Door To Your Dream Retirement

Planning for retirement may not be high on your list of priorities, especially if you are young and healthy. But early planning is key to achieving your dream retirement. The lifestyle you lead today will impact your lifestyle in the future.

Are you ready for retirement?
Open the door to find out.

Unlock The Door To Your Dream Retirement

Planning for retirement may not be high on your list of priorities, especially if you are young and healthy. But early planning is key to achieving your dream retirement. The lifestyle you lead today will impact your lifestyle in the future.

Are you ready for retirement?
Open the door to find out.

Can You Support Yourself In Retirement?

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  • You should accumulate savings before retirement, as relying on EPF savings is not enough
  • You need to manage your remaining financial debts
  • You cannot overspend your EPF and personal savings
  • You need to pay for your long-term care
  • You need to continue paying for food and living expenses
  • You need to deal with the hike in medical costs

The Reality Is, Most Malaysians Are Struggling


of retirees can only afford to spend RM208 a month


of EPF members have no savings apart from EPF


of retirees spend ALL their EPF savings within 10 years after retiring

Not just financially, but medically

Top three diagnosed diseases among pre-retirees


Hyper cholesterol


So, how much do you need to retire?


EPF’s minimum savings target – but you should aim to save more as this only supports your extremely basic needs for 20 years


< RM50,000

2 out of 3 EPF members have less than RM50,000 saved

If you want a comfortable retirement, here’s how much you’ll need!


To maintain your current lifestyle, you need 70% of your last drawn salary in retirement

E.g. if your last drawn salary is RM4,500, you’ll need RM3,150 a month during retirement

How Can You Secure Your Future?

Contribute more than the statutory rate

Employer contribution
Employee Contribution
Total contribution
Employer contribution
Employee Contribution
Total contribution

*This rate is for illustrative purposes only; contributions can be more or less at your discretion

Add voluntary contributions (bonus, savings, etc).


Are you a self-employed worker who is currently not an EPF member, but would like to be? You can make voluntary contributions via i-Saraan.


Are you a current EPF member? You can make self-contributions to your EPF account.

Maximum of RM60,000 a year

Savings top-up

Top up the EPF account of your spouse, parent or child

Top-up can be made every month, up to a maximum of RM60,000 a year

Start Right Away For A Secure Retirement

Here's how much you need to save each month to reach RM1 million when you are 60.

Age you start saving

20 years old

30 years old

40 years old

50 years old

RM690 /month

RM1,254 /month

RM2,520 /month

RM6,625 /month

The earlier you start, the more time you give your savings to grow.

What is EPF Malaysia?

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF), also known as Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) is a government body established to ensure that all Malaysians have savings for retirement. These officially mandated savings can also be withdrawn before retirement for certain reasons (more information on withdrawal below).

How do I register for EPF?

You are automatically registered for an EPF account when your employer makes the first contribution. In this case, your registration will be made based on the name and IC number supplied by your employer.

If you do not have an employer, you can manually register for an account at any EPF counter or kiosk. All you will need is your MyKad to complete the process.

Foreigners can also manually register for an account by completing the KWSP 3 (Registration) form and submitting it at any EPF counter.

How do I check my EPF number?

Similar to a bank account number, your EPF number is an eight-digit number that identify your account. There are a number of ways of getting your EPF number:

  1. It will be printed on your salary slip.
  2. Your HR department will have the number.
  3. Visit any EPF office and ask for the number.
  4. Displayed on your EPF i-Akaun (either through the website or app).

How much do I have to contribute to my EPF?

The default EPF contribution rate is at 11% of your salary to your EPF account each month. Your employer must also contribute an additional 12-13% of your salary to your account. In addition to this, you may also choose to increase your monthly contribution.

For example, if your monthly salary is RM3,000, RM330 (11%) will be deducted from your salary every month for EPF contribution, while your employer will contribute an additional RM360 (12%) every month to your EPF savings.

If you are self-employed, you can make voluntary contributions to your EPF account.

Where do I get my EPF statement?

You can get your statement printed at any EPF office. There is also the option to get an electronic statement through your EPF i-Akaun.

This statement will contain your EPF number, IC number, and employer’s number (if available). It will also contain a breakdown of your monthly contributions; while your annual statement will also include any EPF dividends you have earned.

How do I login to my EPF account?

You have two choices when logging in to your EPF i-Akaun. Firstly, you can visit https://secure.kwsp.gov.my/member/member/login and enter your User ID and password.

Alternatively, you can use the EPF i-Akaun app available on both Android and iOS. Download and install the app, and then enter your User ID and password when asked for it.

Whichever you choose, please remember that you will first have to register for an EPF i-Akaun.

How do I register for EPF i-Akaun?

To set up for an EPF i-Akaun, you will first have to register at any EPF office or kiosk. You will be given a temporary user ID and password, and you are required to use this login to set up an account within 30 days.

To do so, use your temporary login to access https://secure.kwsp.gov.my/member/member/login. Once logged in, you can change your temporary ID and set your new password.

What is EPF dividend and how is it calculated?

Calculating your EPF dividend happens in two steps. Firstly, you will earn your annual compound dividend, which is based on how much you had at the start of the year. Next you will receive dividends based on your monthly contributions.

Find out more about how your EPF dividend is calculated.

What is partial withdrawal?

You are allowed to withdraw a limited amount of funds from your EPF account in order to pay for a house, cover medical bills, or to perform the Haj. This money comes from your EPF Account 2; which contains 30% of your total contributions.

Flexible withdrawal can also be made at age 50 to help you prepare for retirement.

What can I withdraw my EPF savings for?

You are allowed to make partial withdrawals from your EPF Account 2:

  • to pay for your housing loan,
  • to pay for your education loan,
  • to buy a house,
  • to cover medical expenses,
  • to fund an education (yours or your children), or
  • to perform the Hajj.

This partial withdrawal can happen at any age.

How do I withdraw my EPF?

All you need to do is visit any EPF office with your MyKad and your bank account statement (to prove that you own the account). Use this link to find the nearest office to you.

Alternatively, you may also withdraw your EPF money through your i-Akaun, provided that you have registered a mobile phone number to receive the TAC.

When can I withdraw my EPF?

You can opt to make partial or full withdrawals of your EPF account at age 50 or 55. You may also withdraw your account completely upon reaching age 60.