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Maybank Kad Visa Signature

Nikmati sehingga 5x TreatsPoints untuk perbelanjaan di luar negara dan sehingga 5% pulangan tunai bagi perbelanjaan petrol dan runcit.

  • icon Gaji Minimum Bulanan
    Gaji Minimum Bulanan
    RM 5,833
  • icon Kadar Faedah
    Kadar Faedah
    15% p.a.
  • icon Pulangan Tunai
    Pulangan Tunai
    Sehingga 5%
  • icon Yuran Tahunan
    Yuran Tahunan

Ciri Utama

  • 5% Cashback for Petrol and Grocery Spend locally
  • 5 Treatspoints for every RM1 spend overseas
  • 1 Treatspoints for every RM1 spend locally
  • icon petrol Petrol

    Pulangan tunai 5% untuk perbelanjaan petrol
  • icon groceries Barangan Runcit

    Pulangan tunai 5% untuk perbelanjaan barangan runcit
  • icon shopping Beli-Belah

    • 5x Treatspoint untuk setiap perbelanjaan RM1 di luar negara
    • 1x Treatspoint untuk setiap perbelanjaan RM1 di negara ini
  • icon dining Makan

    • 5x Treatspoint untuk setiap perbelanjaan RM1 di luar negara
    • 1x Treatspoint untuk setiap perbelanjaan RM1 di negara ini
  • icon travel Pelancongan

    • 5x Treatspoint untuk setiap perbelanjaan RM1 di luar negara
    • 1x Treatspoint untuk setiap perbelanjaan RM1 di negara ini

icon tag Other Features

  • Had Cashback: Rebat tunai 5% untuk semua petrol & bahan makanan (domestik sahaja), terhad pada RM88 sebulan

icon info Card Information

Yuran Tahunan Percuma untuk tahun pertama atau dengan perbelanjaan RM50,000 setahun
Gaji Minimum Bulanan RM 5833
Min. age for principal holder 21
Fee for principal holder Percuma
Min. age for supplementary holder 18 dan ke atas tahun
Fee for supplementary holder Percuma untuk 4 kali pertama
Late payment charge RM10 atau 1% dari baki tertunggak (mana-mana yang lebih tinggi), caj maksimum sehingga RM100
Cash advance amount Tertakluk kepada had kredit
Cash advance charge RM18 atau 5% dari jumlah pendahuluan tunai (mana-mana yang lebih tinggi)
Cash advance interest charge 18% setahun dari jumlah pendahuluan tunai
Rewards points expiry 3 tahun

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Cashback where you need it

The Maybank Visa Signature card rewards you with great cashback for your spending where it matters most. You will receive a cashback of 5% on your spending on groceries and petrol for all days of the month! This comes with a cashback cap of RM88 per month. Do note however that there will be no cashback on these two categories of spending when done overseas. When you use Visa’s Paywave feature with your Maybank Visa Signature card, you will be able to enjoy a 5% cashback on all transactions you make for the first 6 months only. This will not be limited to petrol and groceries only, however the cashback earned will not be independent and will be included in the RM88 per month cap as per your total cashback earned from petrol and groceries. You can also enjoy converting your TreatsPoints earned into cashback too! You can convert 50,000 TreatsPoints into RM100 of cash, with no capping amount at all!

TreatsPoints galore!

Your Maybank Visa Signature card rewards you with 5x TreatsPoints for every RM1 you spend on overseas transactions. You are eligible for these rewards when you spend on shopping, dining, and travel overseas. Every other transaction you make locally gives you 1 TreatsPoints for every RM1 spent. However, this excludes any spending made on petrol and groceries. And be sure to make use of your TreatsPoints, as they will expire 3 years from the time of them being rewarded to you.

Premium travel

Your Maybank Visa Signature card also gives you fast tracked immigration processing at over 280 international airports worldwide, with the Visa Airport Speed Pass. No more waiting in lines for long periods, and you will be on your way to enjoy your trip in no time.

Insurance Coverage

When you charge your full air fare to your Maybank Visa Signature card, you will also receive the Automatic Travel Personal Accident Takaful coverage. This gives you coverage of up to RM1 million when you travel, giving you and your loved ones a complete peace of mind. You will also receive a Travel Inconvenience Coverage, covering you for missed flight connections, luggage delays, and even for lost luggage.

A personal concierge just for you!

With your Maybank Visa Signature Card, you will have access to a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week concierge service. You will have access to a myriad of services, whether at home or overseas, helping you with hotel bookings, flight reservations, and even limousine transfers, just for you!

Bills Payment

Get your monthly bills out of the way with ease with the many options provided to you by Maybank. These include paying online through Maybank’s website, signing up for a standing instruction, phone banking, or even by paying through the Cash Deposit or Cheque Deposit through machine at selected branches and over the counter at all Maybank branches. Also, Maybank’s Auto PayBills service will be available to you to use. Maybank will consolidate all your different bills into one statement. You will then have to register with your selected service providers, and Maybank will settle those bills for you each month automatically. Just visit Maybank’s website for a list of their selected service providers.

Interest Rate

Get a low interest rate of 15% per annum when you make prompt repayments for 12 consecutive months. When you make prompt payments for at least 10 out of 12 months, you will be charged interest at a rate of 17% per annum, and if neither of these requirements are met, only then will you be charged interest at a rate of 18% per annum. Cash advances taken will be charged at 18% per annum on the cash advance amount taken, and your limit for cash advances will be subject to your cards credit limit. You will also be able to enjoy Maybank’s Installment Payment Plan of 0%, when you spend with your Maybank Visa Signature card at any of Maybank’s participating merchants.

Fees and Charges

Annual Fees for your Maybank Visa Signature card is FREE for the first year, subsequent year will be RM 550 However, subsequent year waivers will be given with a spending of RM30,000 and more per year. There will also be no annual fee for the first 4 applicants for supplementary cards under your card. A minimum payment of the higher of RM25 or 5% of your outstanding balance will be required to be made every month. And there will be a late payment fine of the higher of RM10 or 1% of the outstanding balance. Cash advances taken using your Maybank Visa Signature card will be subject to a charge of either RM18 or 5% of the cash advance amount, whichever being higher.

Are you eligible for the Maybank Visa Signature?

The Maybank Visa Signature card can be yours if you have a minimum monthly income of RM5,833. There is also a minimum age requirement for the principal card holder, that being 21 years and older, and for supplementary cardholders the minimum age is 18 years old.

Required Documents

We will require the following documents when you apply for the Maybank Signature:

  • A copy of your NRIC (both sides) or Passport, including that of supplementary applicant' s
  • Latest BE form with official tax receipt
  • Latest 3 months' salary slips
  • Latest 6 months' savings account activity or current account statements

    if you are self-employed:

    • Copies of business registration
    • Latest 6 months' company or personal Bank Statements

    If you are an expatriate:

    • Letter from your employer confirming the duration of your employment contract in Malaysia

    Note: You must be a Maybank account holder.

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