How Much Do These Unusual Professions Earn?

We were often asked about our dream occupation when we were in school. However, as we grew up, graduated from university, reality sets in. Our dream of becoming a professional gamer or a football coach of Manchester United Football Club becomes slimmer and then we decide to settle on being an accountant or a writer.

A grim job market and crushing student debt have many people second guessing their dream profession. Most school leavers decide on their tertiary courses based on peer pressure, trend and parents’ advice.

Do you know how much more you could have earned if you persevered to take up these unusual professions? Here are some of the five uncommon professions that rake in the cash!

Football Club Manager – David Moyes

david moyes

Before the axe fell in mid-April, David Moyes was rumoured to be earning £5 million (RM27.46 million) a year. Just 10 months into the job, Moyes was sacked and walked away with about £7 million including his pay out.

Professional Exorcist – Reverend Bob Larson

bob larson

Based in Arizona, USA, Reverend Bob Larson, is a self-proclaimed world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. He has upgraded his business to include online exorcisms . He charges US$295 (RM964.20) for a one-hour exorcism through Skype! He also charges US$10 to take a questionnaire on his web site to see if you might be possessed.

Professional Badminton Player – Lee Chong Wei


Based on last year’s prize money given to the winning badminton players, Malaysian men’s singles shuttler, Lee Chong Wei, finished 2013 as the top money maker in the world of badminton. Raking in US$292,540 (RM955,285) with seven Super Series titles. This earning does not include the fees he made for appearances, allowances from the Badminton Association of Malaysia, and other endorsements.

Celebrity Stylist – Rachel Zoe


With shows like E!’s Fashion Police and The Rachel Zoe Project, the profession that used to be entirely behind the scenes has come into the limelight. One way to strive for stardom (which in this profession means more money) is to ace that red carpet dress. With clients like Nicole Ritchie, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner, Kate Beckinsale and Liv Tyler, Rachel Zoe has made a big name for herself and rakes in at least US$5 milllion (RM27.46 million) a year for her design, styling and TV work.

Puppeteer – Caroll Spinney (Big Bird from Sesame Street)

Image: Sesame Street's Big Bird

The actor who has played Big Bird for more than 40 years is building himself quite the nest egg with his 2012 earnings reported to be US$308,161 (over RM1 million). With that sizeable income, Spinney is not even the highest paid muppeteer, with the highest paid being Joseph Mazzarino at US$792,229 (about RM2.6 million)!

Professional Gamer – Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel


Wish you can quit your day job and spend the whole day levelling up on World of Warcraft? Or enter some gaming tournaments and take home millions of Ringgit? It’s not impossible. The highest paid professional gamer, Johnathan Wendel, also known by his screen name, Fatal1ty, earned US$454,544.98 (that’s close to RM1.5 million!) from 35 tournaments in eight years!

Bored with your job and tired of your meagre pay? If you’re willing to ignore societies demands to pick up traditional job you might find the above options appealing to pave your way to becoming a millionaire!

What other weird professions do you think pay really well?

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