Jasmine Andria

Jasmine Andria

Jasmine believes money makes the world go round. In her quest for cash, she previously worked as a journalist at The Malay Mail with experience as a magazine lifestyle writer. She also had a stint in copywriting and spent a few months as a mortgage loan credit analyst before finding her way into writing.

Investing In Forex

While not a common go-to choice of investment, with knowledge and research, investing in foreign currency can be a lucrative source of investment income. Find out more about how to invest in foreign currency and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Investment Mistakes To Avoid As A Retiree

A retiree should still consider investment to stretch their retirement funds. However, gone are the days of approaching investment like a game of dice, which will ultimately lead an investor to financial loss. Here are three mistakes a retiree should avoid when it comes to investment.

Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD)

Despite efforts to simplify tax, it remains a confusing subject giving rise to many questions. Find out how Monthly Tax Deduction (or PCB) can save you the hassle of filing taxes.