2016: 5 Petrol Brand Loyalty Cards You Need To Get

2016: 5 Petrol Brand Loyalty Cards You Need To Get

Oil prices have been hovering on the low side for a while now, a fact that is viewed favourably by many Malaysian drivers. For instance, RON95 retails at RM1.75 per litre in July 2016, compared to its peak price at RM2.30 per litre in 2014.

But while we are no longer as worked up about oil prices as before, in these lean times, every penny saved is a penny earned, and you stand to maximise your petrol dollar simply by using the right petrol brand loyalty card!

Here, we look at five top petrol loyalty cards that allow us to best leverage on our petrol consumption and add fuel to our spending power.

1. The BHPetrol eCard

The point-earning mechanism for the BHP Petrol eCard is likely the simplest and most clear-cut in the market – you get one ePoint for every RM1 you spend at the gas station. If you spend RM60 on fuel, you get 60 ePoints with the eCard.

Some petrol stations offer only one point for every litre of fuel you purchase. In this case, if you spend RM60 on fuel, you will only get about 26 litres or 26 points only.

Points are redeemable for petrol and diesel and items at BHP’s convenience store. You get RM5 worth of fuel for every 550 points you earn – it’s about a 1% rebate essentially.

Points may also be used to redeem a wide array of gifts from their rewards catalogue, which include gadgets and electronic devices such as a range of Samsung smartphones and LED TVs, home essentials like slow cookers and Tefal pans, bags and travel items, and fashion accessories like Casio watches.

The good thing is, points accumulated on your BHPetrol eCard will now be valid for three years from when they are first earned, compared to just two years previously. This will give you more time to actually rake up enough points to make a worthy redemption.

However, the number of points required to redeem some of these items have also gone up. For instance, you could redeem a basic Samsung Galaxy Rex 60 with 26,500 ePoints in 2015. But in 2016, you would need to accumulate at least 78,000 ePoints to redeem the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V – the cheapest Samsung phone model in this year’s catalogue.

Other than products, eCard members can also enjoy discount privileges from its partnerships with The Royale Bintang group of hotels, Resort World Genting, Leather Avenue and Lim Tayar Service Centre. Card membership is free.

BenefitsBHPetrol eCard
Point-earning mechanism1 point for every RM1 spent
Points expiry3 years from the day issued
Redeemable forFuel and other items from their catalogue including gadgets and electronic devices, bags and travel accessories, home essentials and watches
Redemption conversion rateEvery 550 points = RM5 of fuel
Extras Every 550 points = RM5 of fuel
Extras Discount privileges at The Royale Bintang group of hotels, Resort World Genting, Leather Avenue and Lim Tayar Service Centre

2. The Caltex Journey Card

The Caltex Journey card is a loyalty card that rewards you every time you pump petrol at Caltex fuel stations.

It is a partnership with the Berjaya-owned BCard, a customer loyalty programme that lets you earn and redeem BPoints at 70 merchants with over 2,800 locations nationwide. Merchants include Zalora, Groupon, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Starbucks, Chatime, 7-Eleven, U Mobile and A Cut Above. Members also get to enjoy seasonal promotions from selected merchants.

However, its “one litre, one reward point” mechanism means you will require a longer time to accumulate points. Conversion rates for fuel redemption is also unclear and differ according to merchants.

For instance, 700 points will get you RM10 voucher from Foodpanda. Meanwhile, you will need 1,000 points to redeem a cash voucher of similar value from Zalora. To maximise your rewards, you will need to do some homework accordingly before diving in for freebies!

On the plus side, you can start redeeming rewards with a minimum of 500 points. So, if you fork out an average of RM100 for petrol every week, you should be reaping rewards in a couple of months or so.

Also, many of their participating merchants are global chains, and can be found on every street in the city, so it is unlikely that your points will ever go to waste.

Benefits Caltex Journey Card
Point-earning mechanism1 litre = 1 Reward Point
Points expiry Three years after issuance, on a first in first out basis
Redeemable for Caltex petrol or selected items at Caltex convenient stores, or with participating BCARD merchants
Redemption conversion rateDiffers according to BCard outlets and participating merchants. You
need a minimum of 500 reward points accumulated before redemption can be made

3. Petron Miles Card

The Petron Miles Card took over the Smiles loyalty card that was previously from Exxon stations. The Filipino-owned Petron entered the Malaysian market with the acquisition of ExxonMobil downstream subsidiaries in 2012.

Membership for the new Petron Miles Card is free for life (as long as you make a fuel purchase within 12 months).

Members receive one point for every RM1 spent on fuel, which can be earned at all 560 stations nationwide and also when you renew your car insurance with AIG. Points earned can be redeemed for fuel, convenience store purchases, and at Petron’s partners such as AIG, Malaysian Airlines’ Enrich Programme, PLUS Expressways’ PLUSMiles Card and Air Asia.

Though the point-earning mechanism rate is comparatively higher than some petrol loyalty programmes out there, the average driver will have to accumulate a substantial amount of points to qualify for fuel redemptions.

For example, you will need to collect 950 points (earned with RM950 worth of petrol) to redeem RM10 of fuel (about a 1% rebate like the BHP one but it has a larger total spend requirement).

The plus side is, there is no expiry period for your points (as long as you make a fuel purchase within 12 months), so you can practically keep collecting them until you’ve saved up enough to trade them in for bigger and cooler rewards. And if patience is not your strongest suit, you can always get a RM1 redemption for every 100 points you earn at their in-house convenience store.

BenefitsPetron Miles Card
Point-earning mechanismRM1 = 1 Petron Miles Point
Points expiryNo expiry, as long as you make a fuel purchases within 12 months
Redeemable forFuel, convenience store purchases
Redemption conversion rate950 points = RM10 of fuel
1,600 points = RM20 of fuel
3,000 points = RM45 of fuel
100 points = RM1 at Treats Mart
ExtrasSpecial deals and discounts at AIG, Malaysian Airlines’ Enrich Programme, PLUS Expressways’ PLUSMiles Card, AirAsia, Sunway Lagoon,
Lost World of Tambun and Agoda. They include:

10% off Sunway Lost World of Tambun Theme Park
30% off Sunway Lagoon admission
60% published room rates at Sunway Lost World Hotel

400 points = 100 MAS Enrich Points
500 points = 500 PLUSMiles Points
500 points = 200 Air Asia BIG Points
1.5x points for every RM1 spent on hotel bookings with Agoda.
*Available till 31 December 2016.

4. Petronas Mesra Card

The Petronas Mesra Card is a popular crowd favourite, partly due to the easy availability of Petronas fuel stations in Malaysia.

The national oil company currently boasts the largest network of petrol stations in the country, with some 1,000 Kedai Mesra outlets nationwide. Its range of services also include banking, fast food restaurants and car spas.

Members earn one point for every one litre of fuel purchased at the station, and one point for every RM1 they spend at their in-house convenience store. Cardholders stand to accumulate more points over a shorter period of time with its two-prong point-earning approach, compared to some of the other petrol loyalty cards available.

The Mesra Card also offers easy redemption for RM1 worth of redemption for every 100 points earned. Assuming if you spend RM60 (26 litres) on fuel in a week, you will be able to start making redemptions within a month.

You also get to earn Mesra points and up to 8x TreatPoints when you use your Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard or up to 7% cashback with your CIMB PETRONAS Platinum for transaction at any Petronas stations.

Points expire in three years from the date you collect them. However, points will be void if there have been no transaction and/or redemption activities in six consecutive months.

The advantage that Mesra cardholders get is that there is extensive coverage of Petronas fuel stations in the country, which means there is a high likelihood that you will find yourself in one of their outlets one way or another.

BenefitsPetronas Mesra Card
Point-earning mechanism1 point for every 1 litre of fuel purchased.
1 point for every RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra.
Points expiry3 years from the date of collection. Points will be void if there is no transaction and/or redemption in 6 consecutive months
Redeemable forFuel or items at Kedai Mesra
Redemption conversion rateEvery 100 points = RM1
ExtrasDiscounts and privileges at AAM, AirAsia BIG, Menara KL, Zalora, The Mines and Petrosains

5. BonusLink Shell

BonusLink is Malaysia’s first premier consumer rewards programme and has over eight million members today. Cardholders collect points when they pump petrol at Shell, shop at Parkson Department Stores, pay for their retail purchases with their AmBank M-Card/MBF cards or engage the services of any other BonusLink Partners.

The point-earning mechanism offered by the BonusLink Shell programme is simple: you get one point for every one litre of fuel you purchase, as well as one point for every RM1 spent on lubricants.

There is also a 25% bonus number of points awarded for Shell V-Power Racing fuel and bonus points to be earned based on monthly spend tiers: 125-250 litres earns 25 bonus points; 251-500 litres earns 75 bonus points and 500 litres and above earns 150 bonus points.

The points earned can be redeemable for a wide range of gifts from their catalogue, which include dining privileges at Nando’s and Haagen-Daz, LED TVs, home essentials and designer fragrance and watches.

The upside is, you can accumulate BonusLink points from multiple avenues and they are valid for three years.

The flip-side is, you will need to collect a substantial number of points to qualify for these redemptions. For example, you will need 5,000 points to redeem a RM50 voucher from Häagen-Dazs and a RM50 voucher from Nando’s respectively.

Meanwhile, you will need 20,400 Points to redeem a Swatch Marinette Ladies Watch and 21,900 Points to redeem a 50ml bottle of Hugo Boss EDT for men.

BenefitsBonusLink Shell
Point-earning mechanism1 point for every 1 litre of fuel purchased.
1 point for every RM1 spent for all lubricants.
25% bonus points when you purchase Shell V-Power Racing fuel.
Points expiryBonusLink points are valid for 3 years from the date of collection
Redeemable forVouchers and gifts from their catalogue. On-the-spot redemption at partner outlets, such as Caring Pharmacy and Parkson.
Redemption conversion rate125 – 250 litres: 25 bonus points
250 – 500 litres: 75 bonus points
500 litres < : 150 bonus points
ExtrasYou earn points when you shop at Parkson Departmental Stores or when you swipe with your AmBank M-Card or MBF card

What’s the verdict?

The BHPetrol eCard wins our top petrol card award for its simple point-earning mechanism and attractive redemption conversion rate. You get RM5 of fuel for every 550 points you earn, which means that if you spend an average of RM60 on fuel in a week (which will amount to RM240 in a month), you will be able to start redeeming for free fuel in a little more than two months.

The downside is, you will require a significant amount of points to actually be able to stake your claim to many of the goodies offered in their catalogue. That said, many drivers will find its fuel rebate deal to be practical and convenient.

The Petron Miles Card, with its extensive list of discounts and privileges, comes a close second. The catch is, it has a comparatively smaller network of fuel outlets compared to other petrol companies in Malaysia.

However, a key highlight of this card is it has no expiry date, which gives you the option of collecting and storing points for as long as you want. You can also use the points for a lot of other redemptions, such as air miles, and car insurance. This is great if you are constantly on the road, as it lets you maximise on your mileage.

Meanwhile, Caltex Journey Card users will get to enjoy rewards and discount privileges from a diverse range of 70 merchants. However, it may take you some time before you are able to start redeeming some of the goodies.

For example, two Starbucks vouchers costs 2,544 points. An average monthly fuel expenditure of RM300 will earn you roughly 171 reward points every month. This will take an average petrol consumer about 15 months to redeem two Starbucks beverages.

If you are required to travel around frequently, you might want to consider getting the Petronas Mesra Card. With a network of over 700 petrol stations in Malaysia, Mesra cardholders are likely to find a Petronas fuel station at every stop.

The Mesra card’s two-prong point-earning mechanism also gives the customer the advantage of earning points from purchases made on both fuel and at their convenience store.

Finally, BonusLink cardholders stand to reap reward points from multiple avenues, including popular nationwide merchants like Parkson. It’s the card to go for if you want just one card to reward you for almost every spending you make — not just on fuel. However, you could take a significantly longer time to enjoy the rewards if you plan to purchase just petrol with the BonusLink Shell programme alone.

Inflation is a fact of life, but you can have an easier time coping with the rising cost of living by making money-smart adjustments to your lifestyle.

The best way to make the most of what’s available is the ability to match the card with your spending habit and lifestyle. For example, if you are the type who always fuel up at Petronas, it will make sense to get a Mesra card, even though it may not be the best among all the petrol loyalty cards. Getting the right petrol credit card will allow you to save even more money on petrol!

This article was first published on 12 January, 2015.

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