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UKHWAH is a financial institution that has presence in both koperasi loan and property investment. It is in a partnership with a few banks and among them are Maybank and Bank Rakyat. Although most of UKHWAH’s focus is on its property investment business, it also offers koperasi loan in a partnership with Maybank. Most of its products appeal more to the government servants because of the easy deduction of income through government payroll system “Biro Angkasa”. This payment is not only easy and convenient for borrowers but also secure for UKHWAH because the loan repayment is deducted from the salary automatically even before the consumers get their salary. The highlight of their product here would be the “Koperasi Loan”.

About Koperasi Loan

So, what exactly is a koperasi loan? A koperasi loan (or credit cooperative loan) is a loan that is catered specially for workers from the federal government, state government, statutory bodies, selected GLCs and municipal councils that will involve paying back the loan through the direct deduction on their salary through Biro Angkasa.

According to the latest ruling by Bank Negara Malaysia, the maximum repayment period for both personal loan and credit cooperative loan is 10 years. It is also a type of loan that is more flexible on its borrowers whereby a borrower might still get the loan if their CTOS and CCRIS is unsatisfactory unlike conventional banks.

UKHWAH Koperasi Loan Details

The UKHWAH koperasi loan comes with an average interest at 4.99% per annum. To be eligible for the loan, the monthly commitment of the borrower cannot exceed 60% of the monthly salary. In some cases, UKHWAH provides a higher or lower monthly commitment to salary eligibility but that depends on your employment place. This UKHWAH koperasi loan is generally available to workers from the federal government, state government and municipal council. The borrower will also need to be a permanent employee of any of these government or government-linked bodies.

UKHWAH provides a maximum loan amount of RM200,000 and a maximum loan period of 10 years (which applies to all personal loan and/or similar nature according to the latest regulation by Bank Negara Malaysia). A borrower can expect to get around 93.5% cash payout which is the second highest after MBSB among all koperasi loans. It also comes with a short approval of 10 working days and monthly repayment is done through Biro Angkasa.

Loan Amount: RM100,000
Loan Period: 10 years
Interest Rate: 4.99%
Cash in Hand: RM93,500
Monthly Repayment: RM1,249.17